Define madness on the 4th day of the year

I was threatened of a slippery moral downfall by breaking one of my personal resolutions last night. On the third day of the year, ladies and germs.

My positive outlook is continuously challenged by madness that’s called work, school and relationships.

Flu shot. Very heavy Chinese lunch (so much for austerity). Happiness that all five of us are back doing things together, and enjoying them. Starbucks to study but ending up reading Vox instead – a bit of an intelligent erotica. Sophie’s Choice, too. iTunes and more.

Late for two hours. Work description dilemma affecting the morale of my staff – but as I said, we’re just that democratic in here. We voice out concerns but we all end up following anyway, and very diligently at that. Cross training. Staff management that entails more and more bright ideas that should be performed by yours truly, especially now that personal relationships are very A-ok once more.

Still drowned by school readings that because of work and its peripheries, I contemplated on dropping out once more so I can focus on it. Really, like what Mom VERY CALMLY asked me last week, Whoever asked me to do this anyway? Was I really sure this is what I want to do? That this is what I want to pursue? Maybe I really did just go on with this graduate school shit because people have done so and that it’s impressive to be a full-time employee and a graduate school student at the same time. Nobody dies of not doing both at the same time, you know. That’s something to think about…

…probably when I’m done with International Relations Theory by Kauppi and that other guy, and Man, The State and War.

A little space in my messy mind cradles my fantasy of a child, my child, that I should just HAVE to make some direction out of this life.

Happy weekend and cheers to Obama! One down, plentiful to go! And I really have to get to know that Huckabee guy. I’ve always thought it’s Giuliani and Romney casting in the GOP skit.

I typed this without reading back.

Categories: Citizen Judie, Employee Judie, Student Judie

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