I am made of bum

I did not meet my own deadline – I still have 497 pages to read and understand, 2 papers to write, and a seminar paper proposal to start from scratch. And school resumes on Monday.

If things go very constricting, schedule-wise, I always blame my academics. It’s unfair, I know, especially since I dabbled into this with the ulterior goal of impressing people. Hah. I am pretty smart but with things not along the friggin’ lines of anything academic. My brain literally hurts from too much information and like a damaged fish net, the more I read, the more I retain nothing. Really. I’ve read about IR theories yet I cannot coherently differentiate them from one another, even those with the neo-shit prefixes.

If things get a bit busier in the office, I’m telling you, I’m one strand short of dropping these three subjects once more, and probably saying adieu to the program itself. What do I hope to achieve ba in taking my master’s degree in International Studies? What? A better qualification to posts in international organizations? Whaaaat? I don’t know, and I don’t have a plan. Seriously. Hindi pa ako lasing nyan.

See, instead of rushing to finish my readings as the effect of my large The Coffee Bean eXtreme frappucino is still very much kicking, I instead update this blog, download Gossip Girl episodes I missed, read on the U.S. election primaries (and get fan-crazed with primaries and caucuses schedules), and bloghop, bloghop, bloghop, bloghop.

I am a useless piece of trash showered with luck.

Anyway, regardless, I am happy to own a new “let’s get rid of plastic everytime we shop” bag from no other than…laking national ako!!!National Bookstore!!! I bought a pen and a small plastic envelope a while ago, and saw this bag for only P65 (you can get it free when you buy at least P1,000 in a single purchase). It’s net-like and even if it displays the store name, I don’t care, I’m Laking National after all!!! It’s very sturdy and I thought of giving my I Am Not Plastic cloth bag  a little rest while I use this to lug my thick photocopied readings to school. If I like it more in the days to come, I might buy one or two more. I’m crazy like that. In fact, you know the green shopping bags of SM? I hoard them! I think we have 12 of them already, and yes, we use it whenever we buy our groceries. May 2 SM Advantage points pa yun per bag everytime you use them. I just don’t know with this red bag (whose tag line of sorts states, Red is the new Green); I forgot to ask kung may dagdag Laking National points pa if you buy something from there and dala-dala mo ito. Hmmm, parang ang daya naman nun ano? And did you read about my using it to put in my school readings? Bakit kasama pa sa iyon sa mga plano ko? Does this mean I do not dislike studying? Bakit bili pa rin ako ng bili ng pens and highlighters? Damn this confusion.

I hope to accomplish something substantial tomorrow. I hope. In the meantime, let me just go and check my Facebook.

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4 replies

  1. hey, dear. like ko nga din yang Feed bags eh kaya lang may pagka-mahalyboo. though you get to send 1 child to school per bag naman…:-)

  2. Hello
    thought you might be interested with Feed bags http://www.feedprojects.org/

  3. thanks, pearl! this is what i got for spreading myself very thinly. 😦 i still have tons of hope up for 2008!!!

  4. my mom buys those SM green bags too. at least people are starting to be conscious about the environment.

    it’s hard to keep your new year’s resolution talaga. konting tiis lang. always get enough sleep. you become irritable if you’re not rested. cheers!

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