new nook

The departure of the big rack that housed my desktop computer left a space in our Liliputian house. I transformed it to a mini-reading/study nook of sorts. Or a place where I can conveniently place Simone as I connect to the internet, precisely like now.

A little improvement on the lighting then this little area may be a hangout for me. I like reading books while sitting down; I tried reading in bed and maybe it was what took away my 20/20 vision that I got since three years ago (uhm, that and reading while in a moving vehicle).

Mom and AF, our new househelp, are watching the Pinoy Big Brother event. My uncle is alredy asleep (and oh yeah, he’s back, after the MMK-like drama that he and Mom had on Christmas – ah, adults!). I am ending this entry in a few minutes to finish Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart and flip through the January issue of Vanity Fair.

I’m tempted to insert a sentence or two about my school negligence but I decided not to. I’m doomed and it might be cool to stay this way until maturity arrives.

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2 replies

  1. i told myself i won’t give in to eyeglasses kasi in denial pa ako na malabo na mata ko…kaya lang i was left with no choice as my work entails reading and being in front of a computer all the time. when i don’t have it on now, i have to squint pa para lang makabasa ng signages. tsk tsk.

    yeah you should get yours too though make sure na it’s very stylish…you’ll carry it very well, i’m sure 🙂

    and yeah again, ang hirap maging adult. nakakaloka!

  2. i have poor eyesight too. i started abusing my eyes back in grade school by reading while traveling from makati to cavite after school. now i find it difficult to read bus signboards. one resolution i have for 2008 is to get a pair of eyeglasses. hehe.

    i hope you’ll find time to study seriously. kakatamad eh but that’s where the word responsibility comes in. hirap maging adult no? =)

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