The wisdom of Peter and my friend STH

Twenty minutes into Office Space, which I’m happy to get from one of the obscure DVD stalls at Good Earth in Avenida, Peter Gibbons bolted me with this-

What would you do (if you have a million dollars, and don’t have to work)?



(Yeah). I’d relax. I’d sit on my a** all day. I would do nothing.

Oh frogginsheet, pasok na pasok sa banga! I would not even need a million dollars to motivate me to do it. At best, a leave of absence one week before actually taking it would kick things off. The only issue is, until when? I only have less than a hundred hours of leave credits, man. So probably one million dollars would help after all.

By the way, I haven’t finished Office Space but I intend to very soon.

Probably after dropping my classes.


I can hear my mother now, “Nagsasayang ka ng pera!”

My own money. Which I will earn back in a few months. Kaya lang credibility and self-worth ang nakataya naman doon. My gosh, I have to submit a paper tomorrow and on Tuesday and wala pa ako ni isang letter na nagagawa. And look at me, I’m blogging.

Damn I can’t stop thinking of the new DVDs I bought. Patawarin ako ni Edu but I just have to watch/rewatch Dying Young, Chances Are, Snatch, Full Metal Jacket and Thelma & Louise very soon. Think about it, mas masarap ang buhay ko noong every Saturday, wala akong ginawa kundi manood ng VCDs na hiram sa Video City habang kumakain ng pepperoni pizza. Paulit-ulit lang yun linggo-linggo kahit nagka-boyfriend ako (as in movie marathon lang, promise). That was the same time when nakakabili din ako ng libro ng hindi galing sa Booksale o sa Buy The Book. Life was simpler then. Until I went back to school. So sinisisi ko talaga sya.

And as my friend STH told me via text kanina, “Whine ka ng whine, e di i-drop mo na lang!”

[Note, according to this, the last date of dropping of subjects is on February 18. Ladeeedaaaa….]


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3 replies

  1. i hope you’ll get out of the ‘sticky’ situation soon. hehe. masarap mag-aral talaga pero ang hirap if you have so many things to do. you really need to make time for it.

  2. oh dear, thanks a lot for your wonderful words. you’re absolutely right…especially on the “it won’t define me” part. i just hope i get the courage to clean this up. ako lang din nagcocomplicate ng buhay ko eh 🙂

    thanks again! it’s nice to know someone’s there kahit paulit-ulit ako. tc!!!

  3. do what will make you happy. i understand. nakakapagod talaga mag-juggle ng school and work. kaya nga even if my dad wanted me to take up law, i chose to work instead. hindi ko naman kasi kaya mag-aral and magwork at the same time. ayoko naman umasa for tuition. i don’t even get enough sleep. ang dami kaya kelangan imemorize at basahin ang isang law student. baka magcollapse ako. hindi ko kaya. i don’t have regrets now. it was something i wanted to do when i was younger pero narealize ko na ang dami ko pa pala puede gawin aside from that. it won’t define me as a person naman. it will just impress people. hehe. opinion ko lang yun. so even if i never went to law school, happy naman ako. dad ko malamang naghohope dati na gawin ko. pero if your heart is not in it, lalo lang mahirap. i hope na you get to do what you want na. maybe there’s something in store for you aside from studying. =)

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