Big momma love

I am on whine moratorium.

Through all these flapdoodles, I am most thankful that my Mom and I have been getting along really well. Yes, she berates me, not for the things I am losing from all the whining and ranting, but on my being fickle as a whole, but it’s done in a manner that causes other people to envy our relationship.

If you would hear her talk to me and I, inturn, defend my ridiculous actions, nakakaaliw. Para kaming mga parlorista habang wala pang mga customer!!! Of course, we do it within the confines of our world, naririnig lang nung iba and, well, natatawa naman sila.

Like a while ago, she found a cue to tell me…

“Anak, kung dadayo ka pa ng ganun kalayo para lang maghanap ng boys eh hindi yun tama! Kung magugustuhan ka ng lalaki kahit wala kang master’s degree, magugustuhan ka nun!!!”

This was borne out of my running joke that I didn’t intend to take studying seriously in the first place, ang goal ko eh maghanap ng boyfriend and it’s good to find one in an academic institution.

But of course, seriously, she knows it’s not that. Hindi pa rin naman alam ng Mommy ko yung extent ng kalandian ko, hahaha!!! Oh well, kapag sumeseryoso ang usapan, she tells me that it’s typical Judith. “Grabe kung magkagusto sa isang bagay, talagang gustung-gusto, tapos after a while, ayun, ayaw na!”

No one can really know and read you exactly like your own mother.

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