oh, come on

I read the last part of my latest post and I laughed at myself. What an effort. Sleep and long walks along the streets of Manila can really loosen you up.

I don’t know what I will achieve going on and on about this dilemma I have. I know that life is short and I just have to do them, the things I want to do, without making such a big hoopla. I guess I have to shed off my being overdramatic. I have been like this since I was in high school. Maybe I’m really an attention-whore. It’s growing old and it inconveniences me to the core so it has to stop.

So, sabi nga ng tag line ng Nike, just do it.

Without too much polemical fanfare. That’s how I will decide on things relevant to my life from now on. I am not accountable naman to anyone, especially when the things concerned are all about my life. If there’s one thing I may have difficulty doing, it’s reducing the level of regret. That, and constant whining will get me nowhere, parang pagskay mo sa rocking chair. O di ba ayaw ko pa ring tumigil, kaka-type ko pa lang na I’d do away with mindless rants.

Surprisingly, I am excited to go to work tomorrow. Hindi pa resolved ang “This is what I want to do, I feel and know it” dilemma ko about it but this is a good feeling. Probably this is an advanced form of emotional compensation for a future plan.

Five days to go! Argh, my hormones are wild. 

Categories: Citizen Judie, Employee Judie, Reflective Judie

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