saturday night fever

It’s technically Sunday and I can’t sleep. I thought of putting off blogging but maybe this is what I need to feel sleepy. I don’t know how exactly but I’ll try. Typing while Alanis Morissette is playing in the background should do something.

Yes, I’m still running a slight fever if we literally take the title. When I woke up at 11 this yesterday morning, I knew I’m gonna be ill for most of the day. And did you feel how cold it was? It’s almost chilly! It’s disturbing. Anyway, I ate and did occasional naps while watching episodes 7 to 11 from Season 7 of The West Wing. I woke and slept through the exciting presidential debate, the impending conflict in China and Kazakhstan, campaign strategies, political party contribution chest, crackdown on illegal immigration, CAFTA and the imminent romance of the Deputy National Security Adviser and the Presidential Press Secretary. Through all these I just had to affirm my Sorkin loyalty (even though he didn’t pen any of the episodes), and express my admiration for Alan Alda, who played Republican presidential candidate (Senator) Arnold Vinick. He’s sly in a grandfathery kind of way, if that’s even the right term. He’s different from Congressman Nathan Templeton, played by Donald Sutherland, in Commander in Chief, but both gave outstanding performances as antagonists.


Around 4 p.m., I decided to wrench myself up from the couch and try to be energetic. I got ready for the scheduled meeting/book session of my book club, Ex Libris Philippines. By the way, we are just fine-tuning the admission requirements but we are opening the group for recruitment soon. Well, we actually are open but we ensure that we’re getting members who will see the group and its ideals the same way we do. I’ll be writing more on that soon…and expect some Prince Caspian plugs in the next few months!

So, the session. It was fun, as usual. There was Tata’s Prince Caspian gushes, Gabi’s adorable skirt, Venice and her whoah! job stories, Richard and once again, his Orson Scott Card book, and of course, (Atty.) TJ and his gift of gab. I think I picked him out in Facebook as someone who should host his own talk show. I’m short of declaring my fandom for this guy, though I’m putting it off for a while because he might just howl in laughter.  Anyway, there’s more than that from everyone. I adore these people so much. Also, even at the meeting, I managed to squeeze in my discontent with life. I just had to let it out and being with a new set of people helped a lot. It’s embarrassing but I consider them my friends anyway so what I did was kinda valid na rin.

I went home around 10 with nothing bought. I’m disappointed, really. I think kasi that this month, I have to shower myself with anything good I fancy (and my GOOD barometer is very simple lang naman) because it’s my birth month. The fact that I am foregoing a party and dinner treats I used to do in previous years, the little money I painstakingly saved all year for January should be allocated somewhere. And who would be a worth beneficiary but myself? Our birthdays come only once a year, I think we owe ourselves that narcissistic form of luxury!

Though as said, I was empty-handed because there was nothing I liked in Dorothy Perkins, even though they’re on sale. Most of the stuff were knits and Embassy (the bar)-type tops. What on Earth am I gonna do with those, ‘no? Baka tamaan ako ng kidlat. And I also passed on the lure of Fully Booked. Maybe it’s because I was hungry. Last Friday kasi after dinner I semi-splurged in Mango and…National Bookstore. So maybe it’s that pang of hunger and the slight fever talaga.


Oh well, books, glorious books! I am really very tempted to change the course of my life by sorting out my reading life. I need to take a break. See, I have this mental blueprint that will not fare high in the maturity scale but I think I’m going to be fine with it in the long run. Without saying much about it, I have a gameplan naman pala with my life. There are just too many roads leading somewhere that the gullible and easily distracted me confuses them with the real road laid out for me.

Lalim ‘no? Let’s just say, damn everyone, I am taking control of my life…although not to say I don’t – I do it’s just that this time, I mean it, seriously. I’ll be 26 in FIVE days and sorry, I feel that that’s OLD for someone who does not know what to do with her life.

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2 replies

  1. twenty something six.
    makes me anxious too, what would life offer me this time?
    when i read the book Tuesdays wih Morrie, it gave me something to hope for and open my eyes to a new ideas. I hope you could read it too. Its worth the time =)

  2. i’m turning 27 but i still don’t know what to do with my life. well, i have an idea pero i don’t know where to start. it frustrates me tuloy and my bf has to deal with it. live one day at a time. you won’t enjoy life if you worry too much. you lose a lot of time by worrying kaya just do what will make you happy. if you do that, you won’t have regrets in the end. you’re the only one who knows what will make you happy naman eh.

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