boredom, ilusyon o something to think about?

It’s been a while since I rode a cab whose driver is some kind of a nutcase. I mean in terms of being so obsessed with conspiracy theories that at the end of it all, it causes you to think if there’s a tinge of truth behind and in it all along.

More than two years ago, I had the same incident with a driver with visions of a Nicolae Carpathia, minus the bit on being the anti-Christ. I am still thinking if my driver this morning was the same guy although they somehow share the same profile – middle-aged, adept in the English language, abreast with current affairs (or so it seems – I’m a bit out of touch so hindi ko alam kung yung mga sinabi nya eh current at tunay na affairs), speaks with conviction.

During my 20-minute ride, I was lectured on oil reserves in Mindanao, America, China and German’s underground battle for annexation of the Philippines, a long overdue revolt of the real Filipinos, and his foreigner passengers who, he was sure, were all spies sent to the country. I was asked a bit, and gently, if I can help him get a visa. I told him I can’t and I won’t. Even employees are not assured of visas; they still have to apply like non-employees, and pass the same eligibility standard. He also asked if I work in the consular section; I said no, I work in the mailroom. All these while I prayed that my loose bills will be enough to pay for my taxi meter.

As he dropped me off at the unloading station, he thanked me for listening to him and in a calm voice said, “Ingat ka diyan sa loob ha.”

It scared the bejeezus out of me. Wag ganun, manong!

Next time, it would really help to plug in my earphones way before I ride any vehicle. It would save me from conversations like this.

So ano, boredom, illusion, schizoprenia or the hidden truth? Sandy had her own share last Friday when the cab driver told her that there are, in fact, gold bars buried where the PSBA building and Jollibee Philcoa stand. Nabasa daw nya sa Philippine World History.

Aren’t cab drivers entertainers by nature?

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