major backlog

I was creating my book list (in a spreadsheet lang naman, nothing fancy) for ExL Philippines when I noticed, barely halfway through it, that I have not read MOST of my books. I had the most number of books bought in 2004 (167), second place lang ang 2007 (102 – and if you have been reading me, nakakapagtaka kung bakit reklamo ako ng reklamo na lagi akong walang pera, ugh!).

Anyway, I have literally HUNDREDS of books to be read. And I cannot bring myself to stop buying. Like this month, on sale ang Powerbooks.

By the way, I have to ask how it would go kasi they have a promo din where if it’s your birthday month, you automatically get 40% discount on your book purchases that are less than 10K. I doubt if they would allow this on top of the automatic 20% on all books as part of their January sale. The sale kasi will run from January 11 to 31. Eh paano yan, birthday month ko din ito? I hope I don’t forget that question when I pass by Powerbooks in the days to come. And speaking of Powerbooks, their branch in Robinson’s Ermita will move to its new location at the 4th floor of Midtown Wing (sandwiched between Timezone and Hotshots) effective February 1, 2008.

So, it will be really hard to impose a ceasefire on book-buying. Not when book sales pop up like crazy and friends gave you bookstore GCs as birthday gifts.

Now that I’m certain I’ll have more time to read non-academic books, I am thinking if I should go with the ‘first bought, first read’ system or stick with the ‘whatever I fancy’ rule. Or maybe I can do a ‘finish all that I’ve started’. See, it’s not as if I never flipped through most of my books after buying them. Marami sa kanila ang nabasa ko na probably until the hundredth or so pages then nagsawa ako and picked up a new one. Yeah, maybe I’ll do that. Not to sound snooty but I always have an easy time ‘re-acquainting’ myself with a book that I’ve put down, kahit matagal na since I stopped reading it. Flipping through the first chapter and the last one where I left it off usually does the trick, something that takes me only about 10 minutes to do. After that, I’m ready to continue the journey.

Oh well, before I end, let me just share a simple line from Lipstick Jungle. This was from the mother of one of the protagonists, a high-powered corporate woman – Of course, I wanted you to be successful. But you do not have to rule the world to be successful. I just wanted you to be happy.


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  1. hello again, cathy! you’re lucky to have a husband who loves books. that’s my dream, too – para at least he would understand this whole bookloving craziness!

    and oh, i would love to see your house! my dream house is still a blueprint – and i don’t know how long it’s gonna stay that way – but my favorite part is my future library!

    anyway, i do hope that your place would carry more extensive collection. if ever you drop by here in manila do make the most out of it and, uh, hoard! 🙂 and hopefully you’ll drop me a note!

  2. Hi again Judie! I love books too! But not the way you love them. And I am so lucky to be married to a man who loves books more. That’s what I miss about Manila. A decent bookstore! Gensan’s and even davao’s stores are quite lacking. Our house has more bookshelves than people.

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