my bigtime driver

Telling drivers where I work usually gets them all worked up with questions and-or stories that are hard to refuse to listen if only to preserve my respect for people. And it’s not as if it’s unavoidable because that’s the first thing I tell them when I open the car door. My only lucky savior moments are when I stick the earphones to my ears as soon as my ass touched the seat, and when they think I’m not an employee, but in fact an applicant. The latter would not totally save me from having a conversation but at least I could act innocently as regards the rules.

I’ve had my lion’s share of commuter tales. Today is no different. Pagsakay ko pa lang, the driver started yapping as I put on my accessories. Narinig ko na lang sya coherently doon sa part na he’s relating his Israel sojourns as a son of a diplomat. Nabigyan daw sya ng US visa when he was 15 but was denied when he applied for renewal nung 20 na sya. It was a loooong story that ended with, “anak na ako ng diplomat hindi pa ako nabigyan, what more ang mga ordinaryong tao lang”. I found out ten minutes after that his other stories about his passengers all ended with the same punch line.

He told me about people who are applying for visas na ang yabang agad eh hindi pa nabibigyan. Mga passengers going to or from the Commision on Filipinos Overseas office na pupunta na abroad at nag-seminar na. Mga foreign passengers na ubod ng yabang pag minamata ang mga kagaya nyang driver. Mga astang mayaman na masungit sa taxi driver.

All of them were, allegedly, thrown the line that ran along, “anak ako ng diplomat at kung saan-saan na ako nakarating sa mundo” or its variation, “baka nga ang mga narating ko hindi mo pa napuntahan.” Parang sagana sa humility chip si manong lately ano?

Ironically, of all his stories, nakuha pa nyang i-match ng pagmumura ng malulutong na p**ang i*a ang mga “mayayabang”
na taong na-mention nya. Hay buhay.

At the unloading station, he told me,”O miss pag Ambassador ka na diyan, bigyan mo ako ng eternal visa.”

Hanep. Patay tayo diyan. Kablag.

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3 replies

  1. @ Cathy – thanks!!! i’ll link your blog to mine, hope you don’t mind. love reading your posts, too!!!

    @ yummy friend – character ka tlaga!
    keep your entries coming ksi aliw na aliw ako.
    dapat tlaga nag-CRT ka na lang eh =)

  2. i love cab drivers
    sobrang animated ang mga yan
    way back in college, madalas kong pagtripan mga nasasakyan kong taxi
    gagawa ako ng kwento tapos hihingan ko sya ng payo hingil dito

  3. Hi Judie! nice and refreshing! I saw kwentongbarbero’s reply to your comment. he is right! you write real nicely.

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