Natural High

Sources of enjoyment after a long day tailed with subjective humiliation :

  • walking to the mall with your song of the month blaring in your ears
  • watching a movie with a very good friend (whom your mother is very close to suspecting you’re having a lesbian relationship with, hahaha)
  • eating buttered popcorn, getting your fingers all greasy and butter-smelling (duh)
  • buying a Chuck Palahniuk book for P99

Upcoming movies whose book version I’ve already read :

  • Inkheart
  • The Kite Runner
  • Atonement

Upcoming movies whose book version I haven’t read :  

  • Love In The Time Of Cholera
  • The Other Boleyn Girl
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia (for Prince Caspian)

I watched Cecelia Ahern’s PS I love You in theaters without reading the book. Much like what happened with The Devil Wears Prada. That should really mean I have lots of catching up to do. After all this lapse in emotions, as Iryn suggested, I must bury myself between the pages of my precious books because I’m really missing a lot, reading-wise.

Okay, back to organized randomness.


2 thoughts on “Natural High

  1. ano buzz!!!

    1. i burnt a cd which has her songs on it at ikaw na lagi naaalala ko when i listen to them. pucha, i didn’t know about you in CLD ’07 until nagsabi ka na wife mo sya.
    2. will you watch my bestfriend’s girlfriend (o girlfriend’s bestfriend ba???), nakita namin ni laine yung trailer.
    3. amen
    4. eh, no comment
    5. bitterness ba ito? ok naman sya ah. ang bilis nga lang nya magsalita kaya kahit si dimples romana nilalamon sya sa eksena. hindi pa sya “complete”!

  2. eto ang happy thoughts ko:
    1. si janet
    2. si marian rivera
    3. dvds, lots of it
    4. tennis
    5. ang patay na karir ni angel locsin (may karma nga talaga)

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