Simply put

Dahil sa alembong phase ko, I terribly missed how good it was to slouch on the couch (hey, that rhymed) and watch TV.

The Riches, The Office (I watched two episodes for the first time and yeah, it’s funny, though I still find the British version funnier), House (of course), Will & Grace re-runs,  Supernatural, Brothers & Sisters.

Friends and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip are still way up there, of course.

I got to watch A Clockwork Orange and will start Farewell, My Concubine before I sleep.

I also discovered that TCM (Turner Classic Movies), Channel 35 when you have Global Destiny Cable, is the best hangout channel if you crave for old, fantastic movies.

The results and post-discussions of the Super Tuesday primaries are also worthwhile, even our local soaps called the Lower House Drama and Jun Lozada’s Senate Blue Ribbon Testimonial.

Whatever happened to the good old dorky geeky times? 

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