Thank you.

Consular Leadership Day is over, thank God. It was fun and I wouldn’t mind being part again of the organizing committee next year.

The past days were great, great, great despite all the effort I had to give to everything we had to finish. Today was the happiest of all, and not only because of the successful CLD.

Thank you, Justin. 🙂

And no, SF, it’s far from what your mind wandered to, you naughty woman. Although Justin’s one hot butter biscuit. 😉

Details soon. Come on, I know you want them.

This is totally unrelated but its weird hearing the Korean version of Lost Without Your Love. Ah, my mother and her daily dose of soaps. Spring Waltz is over so it means it’s almost midnight already. Should get a few hours of sleep because tomorrow’s going to be great. Yeep.


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