a quickie

Going to UP excites me. I really love being there. I love it so much that even fate sensed it so it wants me return there a few more times before I finally drop my classes FOR NOW.

I love the obscure book stalls, the fishball/squid ball/kikiam stand, the experience of walking the college halls while eating taho, killing time by reading a book on the steps of Palma Hall, listening in to different national situation discussions right on the college lobby,the smell of very old books in the university library, among many experiences.

I’m just so sleepy and tired with all the rushing and walking I did so I’m putting this off for tomorrow the weekend.

I may have had a brain-frying experience with Political Science but I’m definitely going back there and I’ll make sure that they’ll welcome me with open arms (the college I’m eyeing, not the Department of PoliSci). It’s one love-hate relationship I would never tire engrossing myself in over and over.

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