On the other hand

…it might be best to be sad for a while and eventually forget everything na lang.

You wanna know why? Because I am an ardent fan of the Golden Rule. While it does good to my deflated superego to think that I am actually better, the more things I uncover, the more I realize that (whatever’s there) is something good that it’s utter desperation to go out and destroy it. I don’t want it done to me so I am staying put. Eto ang problema sa isang taong hindi marunong sumakay sa fling. Lahat nabibigyan ng kahulugan. This is unhealthy.

But if there’s something very very good about this recent discovery, it’s the fact that I was distracted from taking the bait of a married man whose number I was ‘gifted with’ on Valentine’s Day. Last I heard he’s still waiting for my text but nah, I’ll just keep the number in case I will have a legitimate need for it. By legitimate, I mean business-related. Just to be clear.

At least I knew he’s a REALLY good person (not the married man), he loves to have fun, he can be funny most of the time; it’s just sad on my part that I only knew him now. Ganun talaga siguro, though this is only the second month of the year, ‘no? Malakas pa rin ang feeling ko that 2008 is my year.

Don’t expect to read nothing about him in my succeeding posts. You know me, be it with a real life crush, a favorite TV show or some actor I have lustful thoughts for, surely I’ll find ways to insert it in every blog post; classic case nang mai-connect lang!

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