another one in my ‘I Hate You’ list

Forgive me for putting my dignity on the line by engaging in a rather senseless fight with a taxi driver. I just have to assert my right as a passenger. Sometimes, no matter how rational you are, stupid people have ways of pushing the wrong buttons at 7 in the morning.

I am not a bad person. In fact, I feel my knees were shaking as I strode away from the taxi, knowing fully well that I also ruined his day.

This is something I’m going to write about when I have time. For now, I hope I don’t encounter that taxi driver anymore. Gago sya talaga.

Categories: Citizen Judie


3 replies

  1. @ yummy friend – as i told you sa email, i tried my best to be super mabait today. at totoo, nakaakit ng ako ng good karma šŸ™‚

    @ iryn – naku girl, nag-evolve na ako. once in a blue moon, lumalabas ang violent streaks ko, hahaha!!!

  2. parang di ko maimagine na naki-pag-away ka gurl ha

  3. o, what happened?

    whatta way to start the day, huh.

    take it easy, yummy friend. =)

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