The newest addition to my brood

new acquisitions 

I’m too tired to link each title to either Amazon or B&N for description. All the images were from B&N, too (see I didn’t hotlink this time!). I only shelled out a total of 1,200 pesos (barely $30) for all of them. Not bad ‘no? 

They were all bought during the heyday and after the departure of my February crush. Si Justin, hahaha!!! Maisingit lang!

Anyway, I know I may need to adjust my expenses once more. I felt like I’m crapping money therefore I violated a personal deal that goes : I can only buy a new* book after reading five books from my existing collection.

I barely finished a young adult novel and I bought eight books within the same span of time. Kill me, kill me now.

 Seriously, how much of a book whore am I? 🙂

* Means something from a book shop or ‘new’ to my collection; as you know, I always get these golden buys from my favorite thrift book shop or when National Bookstore or Powerbooks are on sale – which both are, unfortunately for my pocket.

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  1. the italian secretary seems pretty interesting

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