Dear Loyal Lurkers,

I’m happy to have made it through another week of madness. There were unresolved issues and murder-inducing job stressors but hey, there’s always next week to resolve themselves naturally.

For some quick and painless rundown of my week, to add to the growing chapters of  my memoir, here’s what happened:

Tuesday. Madness at work. We were still picking up the remnants of our backlog and other shiznit due to being so busy the week before. Good thing it was a holiday in the US so we were spared A LITTLE from a deluge of incoming inquiries. The local inquirers weren’t as sympathetic though. After work, I saw that there was no movie worth watching so I killed time by eating fries and sipping watermelon shake from Naked Juice Bar while reading Twilight. I was home a little before 7 p.m. Nothing extraordinary happened today.

Wednesday. Forgettable day at work which basically means it was your usual flurry of many different things. I was stressed about something but chose to keep it to myself. I asked my girlfriend Laine to go with me somewhere. We ended up in…tadaaa…Yellow Cab Pizza just across the street from our office. Over hot wings and cheese pizza (that wasn’t good), we talked about Justin (I’m slowly getting rid of it him from my system, aren’t you proud of me?), being 26, Ben, birthdays and other girly stuff while waiting for Sandy. After that I walked to Robinson’s hoping to burn the calories from my early dinner. I also aimed to count my steps because Dina Bonnevie said in her Anlene Commercial that it’s recommended to take 10,000 steps a day. I lost count after 100. I should buy that gadget which can count the number of steps you make. 🙂 Anyway, when I passed by National Bookstore to the mall exit, I was pulled back by the “Sale” tags so I went out 30 minutes after with new books. Happiness. *cue colegiala shrieks*

Thursday. My work momentum has picked up, with a few downsides as identifed by my low self-esteem. Overall, it was okay though. Paid my credit card bill (finally). Had 7-11 hotdog sandwich for lunch. Trooped to UP at 3:30. Rode the same FX to Philcoa with Job but instead of chatting, we were asleep as soon as the vehicle doors slammed shut. Got to UP in time for the Cashier closing and a buzzer beater visit to the University Registrar. Headed to Gateway to have dinner with my office friends at Taco Bell (the only food chain we know in Gateway, would you friggin’ believe?). Wolfed down everything like mad. Went home with Sheila. Was just in time for the female contestants’ performance night in American Idol. I was satisfied that Ramiele Malubay did fine though I had to argue with mother dear that Kady Malloy’s version of Groovy Kind of Love was actually good to my ears. Well, I’m tone deaf, but I really thought the rendition was good. Mom said she sounded like a girly bar singer. Come on, now. I slept after the show. Slept, slept.

Friday. As I was going through my garbage bag, I discovered that I have to go back to UP to fix a mini-faux pas courtesy of yours truly. Was running a fever that won’t really go away. Nonetheless, I still had to work hard. Meetings, meetings, endless meetings. Had tea biscuits and water for lunch. Fever in the afternoon was worse. Was about to leave for UP when my deputy chief asked me to do something. It was a case connected to other inquirers so before I know it, it’s 10 minutes before 4 p.m. and that’s a sure sign in hell that I’m not going to make it to UP to catch the closing of the Registrar’s office at 5 pm. Plus there were rallies in many universities kicking off all at once. By the way, my non-appearance made me officially in AWOL status – I thought it’s not soo bad, granting that that’s what they asked me to do anyway to signify my intention not to pursue International Studies anymore. I had a little chat with my (former) graduate school classmate and she shared a rather similar sentiment for the program. Let’s see. I’ve been eyeing an MA in Communication or any graduate program from the School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR in UP parlance, obviously). The latter is where some of my undergrad blockmates are. Then there’s also MA in Health Policy Studies offered by no less than my mother college, and better yet, my mother department back in college. It’s just in UP Manila!!! But I’ll weigh them all very carefully. Other than that, there’s still our Professional Development Center in the office. The prospects are endless. And wait, did I tell you I volunteered to be a back-up docent in our office’s historical tours? Talk about spreading my very thick self very thinly!

I also attended the opening of our basketball season over at the Seafront Compound. I promised to support our boys so even if I’m not feeling well, I went ahead with Laine. We were by the taxi loading station when JW waved at us and later on slowed down to give us a ride. When we’re in the car, we saw that BR was driving. So it was his car. Guess who got disoriented? My girlfriend Laine, of course. BR offered me a heart-shaped brownie which I gave to Laine, who was applying lip gloss. Weeha. BR was his usual conceited-in-a-non-annoying-way self, mimicking Pinoy drivers, talking fast, honking with his left elbow. Crazy. When we got to the venue, we took pictures. What else is new?




In the end, our boys won Best in Uniform, for the third time in a row. Based on the basketball skills of the other nine teams, our boys should marvel at the Best in Uniform award because that’s what they will ONLY get from this tournament. They suck at playing but well, they’re just there to have fun. But yeah, they still suck are probably not as good as the other players. Enough said.   

After the customary pic-taking and chit-chats, Laine, Rach and I trooped to MOA for dinner. Had chicken teriyaki don and agedashi tofu from Teriyaki Boy. Sharing and story-telling while standing outside the North Building, the insane cold wind slapping our mortal bodies. When Rach had to go to Glorietta to meet another friend, Laine and I decided to stay for dessert.


Headed to Iceberg’s; Laine had Mango Tango Split while I had Kahlua Chocolate Sundae. Just soooo wrong. For almost two hours, we talked about Ben (again), Justin (again), other men whose names will be withheld, having kids, birthdays, friends, pieces of clothing, and God knows what else. We separated at around 10:30 pm. It took a while to fill the sole FX taxi headed to my place. Traffic was also terrible at the CCP area. A block before my designated stop, I heard the FX driver mumble that he lives in my street (though the route destination is at the opposite end of my residence). Hmmm. Since he lives in my street, I decided to stay and let him drop off the other passengers at the last stop. On our way “back” (he’s going home already), I wasn’t speaking until he did actually turn right on my our street. In front of a three-door apartment, he said that I may need to alight the vehicle because that’s his garage already. I pointed to the second door of another three-door apartment right next to his apartment complex. That’s where I live, I said. He was amused! And since we’re into taxis already, I rode one this morning whose driver (he owns the cab too) offered to be my shuttle service to work everyday. For a slightly higher fare than my regular daily meter, I accepted his offer (see, I’m too easy). At least I’d be spared from competing with people I practically know by face every freakin’ morning. Although I always treat this morning rush as my playground for accepting subtle forms of rejection and betrayal (taxi drivers ignoring me because I’m obviously not in the route they WANT to take, fellow passengers getting the taxi I hailed, etc.), I can leave that during weekend taxi-hailing moments because my priority everyday is to get to work early (not on time, but early). Anyway, I’ll see how the “shuttle service” goes.

It’s past midnight. Tomorrow will be my borppy day – a day to do boring stuff that makes me so happy nevertheless. Waking up late, watching the last episodes of The West Wing (Season 7), watching any DVD from my to-watch queue, putting plastic on the covers of my books (better than partying in The Fort, I’m telling you, hahaha!!!), finishing TWO novels from my queue of half-reads, sleeping, sleeping, eating, sleeping. My simple forms of happiness, ladies and germs. See you around!



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4 replies

  1. @ ms. c – hay, good for most of you, long weekend kayo. we will open for business tomorrow, major bummer talaga! i had two nice borppy days naman so next week na lang ulit. i’m looking forward to holy week though.

    @ pearl – i got used to the distance na, more than five years ko nang route yun pauwi 🙂 i also treat it as my daily exercise, nagmumutate rapidly ang fatty tissues ko sa deskwork sa north pole eh!

    @ yummy friend raft3r – dapat ka maging “complete”! see you tomorrow! we should look forward to our PQ workshop on friday. snort, snort!

  2. i missed all the fun!!!

    ayaw ko ng magkasakit!!!

  3. parang ang layo sobra ng rob place from your office. pero nakaya ko to walk from t.m kalaw to rob place before. i didn’t feel exhausted kasi i had a friend with me. we were doing our OJT at the daily tribune then and we would walk to and from the mall during lunch.

  4. i just love borrpy days 🙂 can’t wait to have one this long week-end. take care and hope you’re feeeling better!

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