I resent the fact that we will open for business tomorrow but I have no choice.  I will wake up early and be alive and awake for eight hours.

I just want to read my books* and watch my new DVDs**. I want to pull the calendar so it would be the third week of March already.

*I bought Melissa Bank’s The Girls’ Guide To Hunting And Fishing and Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin, both for 85 pesos ($2).

** The Maltese Falcon. Double Indemnity. The first season of Boston Legal. (I’m also downloading the complete episodes of Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night; it’s an elusive find in the torrent sites I’ve been to so I’m pretty and psyched).

Categories: Bookworm Judie, Employee Judie, TV & Movie Buff Judie

2 replies

  1. yeeee, my favorite-st niece in the whole galaxy!!!!! hihihi, a lot has been written, mostly naman eh random ramblings lang. nakita mo ba, lumandi si auntie for a while! and i’m not done yet! tuloy tuloy na ito, straight na buhok ko eh. hahaha!!!! i miss you terribly.

  2. I didn’t realize I haven’t read your randomness in a while. I’m all caught up now.. Happy Monday! =P

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