Cry Baby Cry

The Kite RunnerI watched The Kite Runner today with Laine. It was not as good as the book (what is, anyway…any movie inspired by a book always pales in comparison because you are watching an interpretation of another person of the material you read) but it has its moments. I barely know the stars of the film but most of them were magnificent. The boy who played the young Hassan broke my heart. I cried twice (hah, my record lately has always been ONCE, like in The Bucket List and Juno); in one of those two moments, I cried at exactly the same “scene” in the novel. I rarely get affected anymore by the books I read. Words just pass and fly as I flip the pages. Alternating fiction with hardcore non-fiction probably did it to me. Anyway, I have long stopped tearing over novels but I confess to crying while reading The Kite Runner.

If you saw the movie already, please do try to read the book as well. If you have read it, do not keep your hopes up if you also plan to see the film. It’s still poignant but some moments weren’t really there. It was worth your money though. I just hope that the most poignant line (at least for me) was given more justice. For you, a thousand times over. Homayged, I’m still feeling it. *sniffs* 


I really don’t like it when Academy Award-winning movies are shown here only after the awards night. I know it’s a marketing ploy but in this day and age, they should change it because the efficiency of DVD pirates in Quiapo are really giving them the beating of a lifetime. I am trying very hard not to go to my suki in Avenida because I saw that some good movies will be shown here soon. No Country For Old Men will open on April 2 (man, April 2!), 3:10 To Yuma is ongoing, Gone Baby Gone and Michael Clayton ran for a couple of exhibition nights, Juno ran for two weeks (and counting) and The Assassination of… (ah, that annoyingly long title of a movie with the actor I love to hate, Brad Pitt) was shown last week as well. I have yet to hear about La Vie En Rose.

For now, I plan to read the books whose movie versions are slated to be shown here hopefully in this lifetime, errrrr, soon. Love In The Time Of Cholera, The Other Boleyn Girl, Prince Caspian and yeah, even Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who!

Tanong : Why do I ‘text wrap’ an image so badly? Why do the words stick too close to the image??? How do I put a little space between them? They look so cramped tuloy. I actually do it by uploading the pic, highligting it then clicking either left/right-justified. In Multiply and even in some classic Blogger templates, it’s automatic. What am I doing wrong?

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