the one with the edited version

Hello, it’s Monday and it’s lunch time. I’m still feeling a bit under the weather but I came to work because staying at home stifles me. I’m now enjoying an overpriced bowl of garlic soup from the office cafeteria.

I updated the post below. I intend to add pictures if only my connection won’t screw me up this time. It wasn’t that friendly last weekend, maybe because I voluntarily ignored it in favor of Bradley Whitford (the middle-age sex machine, hahaha) , the Walker family and Park Shin-Yang (my mother has something to do with this).

For now, I’ll keep myself satisfied with my sopa de ajo. I’ll also stay alert in blowing my nose too hard; fragments of my brain could be on the tissue and it will be terrible to throw them all away.


March 1, 2008, Manila. – It sucks to wake up and still have fever. I’ve had it for more than 48 hours with no amount of medicine to shoo it away. It’s still bearable though, and the erratically cold Manila weather goes well with it because I feel warmer than most of you. I was planning to publish (I typed everything yesterday while at Robinson’s!) my week’s update, e-mail Chelli, upload our workshop pictures and declutter my Facebook when I discovered that I may need to rest and just watch TV.

Bradley Whitford will be on Larry King Live, Anderson Cooper 360° will air at the same time as my new chaka guilty pleasure Midsomer Murders, SNL will be on at noon and there will be back-to-back Spongebob Squarepants episodes in the afternoon, and I will be squeezing in some Avatar, The Legend of Aang as well.

Later, alligators.

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3 replies

  1. @ pearl – i hope you’re feeling better, dear. i still am feeling under the weather but it’s better to go to work (and infect other people, hehe) than stay at home doing nothing. the weather bug has bitten us badly. ugh.

    @ yummy friend – oo nga eh, inggit ako sa inyo ni drin, super. sa september, i will deffo not miss that one out. hay. regrets, regrets.

  2. hala
    no wonder I didn’t hear from you this morning.
    the dvd sale was awesome
    spent way too much
    pagaling ka
    drink lotsa h20

  3. i hope you’ll get well soon. i’m sick din. i’ve been taking bioflu and ventolin to feel better. iit sucks to stay in bed the whole time.

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