Wait, that’s familiar (updated!)

All he does is watch things happen and accept it all. I mean, every now and then he gives his own opinions but nothing very deep.  Instead, he just broods over his love affair.  He comes out of the mine pretty much the same as when he went in.  He has no sense that it was something he decided to do himself, or that he had a choice.  He’s…totally passive.  But I think in real life people are like that.  It’s not so easy to make choices on your own.

Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami

Wow, it felt like my whole life was summed up there in less than a hundred words, and using a masculine pronoun was reality’s way of softening it a bit. It’s still so right on the money. 

PS – I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy to take a bath…actually to move altogether. That’s why I’m still here at home while my office friends are now busy playing and having great fun under the cancerous sun rays in Pasay City. I’ll see some of them tonight for dinner though. I think I need a rest. I wish it’s Holy Week already.


11:50 p.m., Manila time. Believe it or not, our dinner plan didn’t push through. It seems everyone was tired to go out already. I wasn’t that hassled because I slept my whole afternoon away. Kats called me at home to confirm if I got hold of the final plan. I was informed, I told her, half-awake. Anyway, I’m bound to go out nonetheless because Mom invited some of her close friends for an intimate dinner. Off we went to Midtown for a Pinoy dinner at KKK around 7. The restaurant was okay but I wouldn’t recommend it nor go back there unless I have no other choice. We compensated our so-so dinner with dessert in Jack’s Loft. I had a fun time stuffing midlifers (aka Mom and 3 of her friends) with excessive sugar on a Friday night. They were all talking at the same time in high pitched voices as the night progressed. It was so funny. On my part, I had venti Starbucks frappe before dinner and 2 glasses of margarita during dessert and man, I think they’re a deadly mix. I am so energized now and I sometimes even feel like clapping and jumping up and down…and laughing, too. Hahaha.

I intend to put my zonky feeling into good use by finishing a book.

Sleep tight, my babies.

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