simply put

I am eating like an underfed wolf again.
I’ve fallen in love again with Rufus Wainwright‘s voice.
I only grasped tonight why people love Jason Castro; I still can’t find the same reason for David Cook.
For my own sanity, I just had to watch The History Boys again.
I downloaded as many versions available of Bewitched (it is more appealing to me to actually type Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered) because of it, even the version of (my future aunt, posthumously) Rosemary Clooney; then I saw PDG’s status pa in Facebook last night, ugh.
A respected institution made me feel very special today; no, it’s not a mental institution.

Tomorrow’s work will be maddening but nah, it’s only for eight hours. I am looking forward to another visit to Becky’s Kitchen, Makati Cinema Square (a mental sticky note: Arrested Development, Boston Legal, La Vie En Rose), and dinner at Amici de Don Bosco afterwards.

Please see the plug below for Don Pasquale on April 4, 6 pm. We’re also in the Lifestyle Section of Inquirer today!!!

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4 replies

  1. you’re HOT as it is

  2. atin-atin na lang muna yung group name natin.
    though i hope masundan pa so the new name can fluorish!

    i was happy last night, sobrang laughtrip.
    everytime nare-remember ko yung chicken story ni pong, i still laugh eh.

    and yeah, lalapit na naman ako sa obesity border nito eh.

    happy weekend!

  3. just been to flicker
    love our new name
    can i even mention it here?
    posted (sort of) our little escapade last night sa The Deadbeat Club
    happy friday, yummy friend!
    last pm was so much fun
    nahilo ako sa busog

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