Over dinner with Raft3r last night, I chuckled at his admission that he forgot the last name of an ex-girlfriend. I thought it’s weird until tonight. See, I was trying to check on an ex-boyfriend in Facebook (just purely checking out random people, okay — hahaha defensive!) when I was stuck…I forgot his last name, too! I kept on searching my brain but can’t seem to remember it. Maybe tomorrow. It’s only been 5 years and I already forgot!


I just came from a well-rested four-day break last week but my body screams R&R once more. I really need it, it’s just sad that a three-day weekend soon is the most immediate one there is. For years, a recurring fantasy vacation in an isolated island would always haunt me. While there, I would do nothing but exercise (in the morning), eat good food, contemplate (in between activities) and read (for most of the day). I would be facing the vast body of water surrounding the very island where I’m at as I go through my relaxation activities. 

It became easier to dodge these thoughts through time until I saw Anton’s post about the grandeur that is Batanes.

It will only take me minutes to pack my bag…no, bags…and I’m ready to go there, really.

In some far-off thought, I also entertained the idea of having someone with me on that trip.

The best part of imagining things is you get to match persons and events. You get to fit the shoe, ika nga. So I thought about the Batanes trip and the one who would be a preferred companion would be…

Justin. Yeah, I thought it‘s gone already but it’s still him. I don’t know if he reads, if he loves it as much as I do, if he’s crazy about a place such as Batanes but somehow, being with him there felt like fun.

I tried S, I tried this and that person, I even tried Erwin because I know he may love the solace, too but they didn’t really fit it eh.

No harm done though. At best, I can always go there alone. I would accomplish my R&R tasks that way. Imagine if Justin (or an alternative, George Clooney, not that they’re on the same level, haha) would be there…for sure another fun activity would take up my days…and nights, most especially. Now that’s hot. Hahahaha!


I am halfway through Love In The Time Of Cholera. I intend to finish it before the movie opens here. However, Pong insisted that I watch it soon so she gave me her bootleg DVD copy. I still want to hold on to it until I finish the book. Right now, I am into The Other Boleyn Girl which I should finish before the movie version opens on April 9th. The book has not shown me extraordinary brilliance and I’m actually beginning to think of how all the events in there that spanned years would be fitted in a two-hour movie. Anyway, let’s see. I am happy to be so engrossed in my literature mode; I could not have wanted it any better, at any more opportune time as now.


Ho Chi Minh calling!

Seeing the blog updates of my very good friend Ms C and college friend Barry made me want to head to Vietnam. To take a break there, to work, I don’t know yet for sure. Posts like them make me want to consider moving.

It’s not that I have a family to think of. I’m single and very much free to go anywhere. Out of courtesy, I asked my mother if she would like to come if an opportunity presents itself. She responded with a vehement NO. She said she would allow me to leave and explore other places, further adding that at her age, she doesn’t like big adjustments anymore. This is her territory and I perfectly understood. It’s mine, too. In fact, I never ever considered migrating. It’s quite a fad now in the office, and ironically, they filed their migration applications in countries other than our own employer (the US). I get where they’re coming from, too. The country fascinates me but if I am to choose a country to work at (again, not to live and eventually become its citizen), I would choose other countries. I even wouldn’t surprise myself if I won’t go far from here. Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China easily come to mind. Thailand most especially.  Just like my other ‘plans’, let’s see.


I finally succumbed to popular demand and found myself liking Wonkette and The Huffington Post.

I also found great sites this week – Red Room and Prawfsblawg.

I also signed up in the Barnes & Noble Book Clubs forum.

My reading preference has shifted again.


I still cannot remember the ex-boyfriend’s surname.

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5 replies

  1. yeah. so many pictures to take. i won’t mind getting sunburn. hehe.

  2. @ Barry – It’s actually both, hahaha!

    @ yummy friend – Yeah, what’s in there anyway? 🙂

    @ Pearl – Very true! I hope in some workable set-up we can both go there!

  3. i want to go to batanes too! ganda.

  4. what’s in a name, anyway?

  5. funny how you forgot an ex’s surname. must be that brief. or he was too insignificant to remember. haha.

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