sleeping beauty

I wasn’t that tired last week that’s why I’m still wondering why my body asked for a lot more weekend sleep than usual. I barely had anything done because I kept on dozing off. Masan moments! Masandal, tulog!

During the times I was actually awake, I watched the first few episodes of the second season of Brothers & Sisters (I’m beginning to love Rob Lowe!) and the first season of The West Wing (which made me start loving Rob Lowe). I also spent time reading my Vanity Fair issues. See, this magazine is one of my guilty pleasures. I started a random collection three years ago after which my niece Lai gave me a subscription as a birthday gift. I renewed it twice ever since, though sadly, I haven’t had enough time to read most of them. Whenever a new issue arrives, I can only manage to read a feature story or two and the Proust Questionnaire. I have most of the 2007 issues and the 2008 issues literally stacked everywhere in the room. Yesterday, I finished two issues, from cover to cover, and it was fun. Except for endless anti-Bush diatribes, most articles were well-written and insightful.  I hope to have more time to read the rest of them to get my money’s worth.

I really rested well this weekend. It’s good and I know I deserve it. I hope it makes me more productive than I already am. 

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