I started to change my lifestyle last week. It means I am directly heading home as soon as my feet stepped out of the office compound. My routine has always been to go to Robinson’s for two hours of either a movie or some precious reading time. It’s very hard yet even the horrible traffic along M.H. del Pilar won’t faze me. I usually walk to Robinson’s to avoid that horrendous stretch of traffic and in very few instances, I did manage to just pass through the mall and get a ride in Pedro Gil already. With the construction of Midtown Wing, it became harder, actually impossible, to resist.

The most evident effect of this change would be reflected in my wallet. So far, it’s going well. What I’m worried about is even if I save money from it, I could always find something to spend the excess money on. It may take another level of discipline to fix me in that area.

Another good that this change should bring is the ease of eating well (home cooked meals are almost always better!) and going online earlier and eventually sleeping earlier, too. I can already feel the difference of getting 6 hours of sleep versus 3 or 4 – I only made that many hours before because I was usually done with my computer time after midnight.

I hope I can pull this off. Of course, I am still open to after-office invites! In fact, we’re going to support our team in a basketball game on Wednesday and on Friday, it would be our fundraising activity, Don Pasquale (which reminds me, did you buy your ticket yet?)!!!

– – –

Thought you might be interested: There’s a quite lengthy story which ended with me surfing NOW on the floor. Thing is, my legs are spread apart, Simone’s in between them and my hands are on top of Simone because I’m typing. Get the picture? My point is, I feel like I’m a pornstar updating my site. Hahahaha!!! Baboy

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2 replies

  1. Класно! Нашел, наконец толковый блог на просторах интернета) Ура!

  2. you’re choosing sleep over an active social life?
    masarap yata matulog
    hwag nga lang nakabukaka din, ha

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