How’s your Saturday?

Justin Timberlake. U2. Madonna. Matchbox Twenty.

They will be here daw for separate performances. How true? I’m excited. My pocket is not.


I cannot divulge the reason but I’m grounded until Monday. Maybe it’s a more imposing term so I don’t leave the house while they’re away. Yes, the house is all to myself until Monday afternoon. Want to drop by? I will not answer the door though. Wait, I’m allowed to leave once. To hear mass tomorrow. But the parish church is only four blocks away…though the after-mass fishballs are something to look forward to. That’s happiness for less than 20 pesos.


I love WordPress’ new dashboard screen.


I am very happy for this freedom. See, my concept of freedom is not to be free to go wherever I want but simply to be left alone in my own little world. Blissful.

How’s your weekend going?

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3 replies

  1. i have your friends dvd na
    season 8
    mula tagaytay dumiretso ako moa just for your dvd

    btw, walang matchbox twenty
    bogus yan!

  2. ^ it’s ok yummy friend kahit di ka makabli nung friends dvd.
    wow, tagaytay. enjoy!

    ad the old post, yeah. kadiri na. hahaha!

  3. yummy friend, i was in trinoma a few hours ago.
    friends wasn’t on sale there.
    i’m off to tagaytay tomorrow.
    will buy your friends when i get back monday.

    happy weekend!

    natawa ako sobra sa old post mo below, ha

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