Opera is actually bongga

Our org’s opera presentation for a cause is over. It was fantastic not only because it’s our project. It’s my first time to hear my friend Gabi sing and wow, she’s magnificent. When I grow up I want to be like Gabi. No, erase that because I actually am older than her, hahaha. I want to adopt her! She’s really great. For her tender age of 21, she sounded like one of the best sopranos around.

It was my very first opera so I have no expectations. That’s why I was blown away by the voices of all the characters, particularly of Gabi who played Norina. This presentation was also Gabi’s thesis recital which she presented last week as a fifth year voice major in the UP College of Music. I do not know how heavy this material is but I hope it will be repeated because the performances of everyone were very good. Maybe the generous assistance of the Italian Embassy would be a good chance to showcase their amazing talents once more, to express our org’s gratitude.

I want to thank Sheila, Ayam and Gemma for supporting the project even if they’re not into opera. Thanks much to Rach and Laine too who also supported and went with me to watch. The long ride to UP Diliman, the quest for the mysterious entrance to Melchor Hall, the instant friends we made while looking for the venue, the other long ride to Eastwood and the fine dinner at Omakase made my night extra wonderful, you fellow apples on top. 🙂

Anyway, I’m an opera virgin no more! I think it’s not so bad –I mean the genre, not the Don Pasquale presentation. My only exposures to opera were the Paco Park and CCP presentations aired over at the former PTV 4 (now NBN 4). I may not understand the ebbs and flows of the voices interacting in a performance but as a closet lover of the arts, an opera presentation is something I will definitely see and spend money on in the future.

Till the next Ex Libris Philippines project! I’m happy this is over so we can move on to a new one. By next Saturday, we will determine how many deserving students would be given an opportunity to be our scholars. I’m proud of what we have done — because as we say, we’re not just about books; we’re about life and helping others. 

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  1. For a nano second, I thought you typed “our ORGY’s opera..” hahaha…time to get my f******g mind out of the gutter!

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