feel good tuesday

The long weekend drove me to extreme boredom, so much that I almost screamed. The heat was terrible and my innate laziness didn’t allow me to drag my ass anywhere to ease that feeling of hell. I’m telling you if and when I do go to hell when I die, I wouldn’t adjust that much. Sapat na ang practice na nakuha ko dito sa Pilipinas. 

I am happy to be back in the office today. This is strange if you know me well. Hindi lang dahil sa libreng centralized aircon, mind you. Ngayon lang yata uli ako nag-enjoy sumagot ng sumagot ng mga e-mails at gumawa ng gumawa ng mga sulat.

I missed Raft3r though – he developed allergies (sabi naman kasi umiwas sa mga talahiban eh) so he called in sick. Sabagay tama na rin yun instead of spreading his germs. Anyway, no one dropped by our office today pretending to bring work-related stuff. (Pero paminsan-minsan naman nagtatrabaho sya.) Yummy friend, go back to work na!!!

There also was a surprise news although I would be a hypocrite not to have considered the possibility of it happening. I got over the news fast enough although knowing me, nagsi-sink in sa akin ang mga bagay when a considerable amount of time has elapsed.

Takano also dropped by today to ask for a gluestick. In turn, he left one roll of magic tape with me. Ganun lang ang extent ng friendship namin; palitan ng office supplies. I wish he would not have another meltdown (hindi lang dahil sa sobrang init) so he can go to Subic with us; otherwise magdi-disappear into oblivion na naman yun. I really miss his company. When we were working together, I think life was simpler, mas genuine yung tawanan. Hinahanap hanap ko na rin yung pang-aapi nya sa grammar at viewpoints ko; ngayon kasi I very seldom get it (not that I’m asking for it) kaya tuloy feeling ko pinag-uusapan yun pag nakatalikod ako, hahaha!

Anyway, Takano dissuaded me from going to Tokyo in October. Turned out he would be there for another training stint from June to September so dun na lang daw ako pumunta. I’ll think about it very hard…honestly ang concern ko naman talaga is that Japan is so darn expensive so I would go with whatever plan is cheapest for me. Pwede naman daw ako maki-crash sa (government-paid) hotel room nya eh. Nagulat lang ang mother goose ko when I told her about it. But I was quick to assure her na uuwi pa rin akong virgin kahit sa isang bed lang kami matulog (and no, hindi bakla si Takano, he’s as male as the next horny male horse). Pero syempre hindi ako nagsasalita ng patapos, although tandang tanda ko na he said no to me when I asked (hahaha, will this be taken against me if you are a prospective international organization employer?).

Anyway, moving on, I felt good about what I was wearing the whole day so I junked the idea of going home early. Feel ko lang irampa yung itsura ko so I asked my “girlfriend” Lalaine to have dinner with me. Fortunately, pareho kaming nag-crave for MMC2 meal ng Pancake House. So for two hours, what else would we talk about but the men in our lives na pinagpapantasyahan namin? Lalaine is one of the more morally upright persons I know, minsan to the point of being prude, but I treat it as an equalizer, otherwise, my quarterlife hormones will make me do crazy things. I’m happy to have her with me because most of our topics are those that our other friends got tired of hearing na. Kumbaga we tolerate each other if we suddenly feel the need to talk about those men (well, you have to give it to us, we’re normal heterosexual females in our sexual prime, hahaha). As it is, hanggang talk lang naman; may pact kami ni Lalaine that we will never ever let ourselves be involved with a married man, even with a committed guy lang kahit hindi pa kasal. Frankly hindi pa ako sold with the latter but I always think of the Golden Rule na lang. Ayoko namang may umaagaw sa boyfriend ko so definitely I will not do it din. At this rate na all deserving guys are taken or gay, napaka-hirap talaga ng pinagdadaanan namin. Sana naman naintindihan nyo, hahaha!

Frankly, I’ve not blogged this fast and this cheerily (huh?) in months. It must be the new dashboard screen of wordpress but I’m also banking on the fact that I’m generally very happy today. I wish it would be this way tomorrow and the next days to come.

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2 replies

  1. aha, huli ka
    yes, i’m back
    grabe naman ire
    nagtratrabaho ako
    fast worker lang talaga
    galing ACS, e

    the only time i was in japan was in 97
    by accident pa yon
    kasi our plane made an emergency landing
    was given a week’s visa
    pero dahil sa kakulangan sa budget
    i settled for the free overnight accomodation sa radisson

    teka, mai-blog nga ire

  2. uyy nakakahawa ang happiness mo may dear.

    sana sipagin din ako mag work and blog ( un lang hehehe )

    speaking of pancake house, karl and i ate there last Saturday.

    Adobo something inorder ko while he enjoyed the spag and tacos..

    ( sabi mo nga maisingit lang and lovelife chos!)

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