weekend roundup

I stopped wishing for longer weekends but two days aren’t really enough. Nonetheless, I make my weekends useful although I still slip from time to time…I still must have wasted time by refusing to get up from bed to do something, anything. But now, I’m happy. Yeah, I am.

I slept at 3 a.m. on Saturday because I watched season 4 episodes of House and the Separation Anxiety episode of Brothers and Sisters. They’re fine. I’m saving a Brothers and Sisters litany after I’ve watched episode 14 even though I know what unfolded there. Anyway, sleeping late early meant I won’t be able to wake up early in time for our jogging trip in Baywalk. The kids at home had a hard time opening their eyes and getting up from bed too, so kawawa naman kaya we scrapped the plan altogether. I became alive at 11 a.m. Not bad.

After lunch – we will have two weeks of seafoods, by the way, because my mother, and the rest of her hot mama friends, trooped to the fish port and lugged back tons of seafoods enough to open up a talipapa – I went back upstairs. I went down at 8 p.m. to eat dinner. So that’s a whole lot of hours watching downloaded TV shows, stalking blogs (!), checking my Facebook from time to time, napping, and daydreaming. Okay, I’ll stop regretting everything I did. They WERE rest and relaxation activities, alright. Even if I got a killer headache after doing them.

I remained awake until 2 a.m. today, Sunday, so I was sleeping until 10 a.m. I went down to a household watching the Oscar dela Hoya fight. I’m not into boxing naman so I took a quick lunch and went back upstairs. I watched the finals of Project Runway. When I heard that they’re done with boxing, I hogged the TV and DVD player and put in…tanaaaaan…Shaun T’s HipHop Abs. Yeah, I know I said a few months back that its ad is very annoying. However, after testimonials from people in the office who noticeably lost weight, I decided to grab my own copy. The video’s easy to follow. I spent almost 30 minutes looking like a fool, but a fool who shed buckets of sweat, mind you! The bad thing was I wasn’t wearing the proper footwear so now, my leg muscles hurt like hell. I was satisfied though. I can’t wait to do it again. I rested for a while, watched a replay of Ellen, then I took a looooooong and refreshing bath. If you notice the absence of this sentence in my Saturday activities, I did not forget it. Hindi talaga ako naligo nung Sabado, hahaha!!!

I heard mass with my mom and the kids. And what’s the most common post-mass activity for the masa? Kumain sa Jollibee, of course! We tried introducing other restaurants to the kids and so far, they were receptive naman. But in times where all of us are already hungry, Jollibee or McDonalds is always the way to go to avoid throwing a fit (on my part lang, hahaha).

Whew, in a few hours, it’s back to the real world. There’s a Cinco de Mayo party to look forward to after office hours anyway. Then a wonderful payroll gift on Thursday. Then weekend na naman! See, what’s not to love in my ordinary life?

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  1. Find ways to relax, stress may consume you up.

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