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The most important lesson I learned last night was this: never send text messages when I’m drunk.

I was baffled by text messages from friends this morning, apparently their replies to my text the previous night. Among all the text replies, what stood out was a sealed appointment for next weekend, which, from looking at my Sent folder, was started by my rather fierce (think Christian Siriano) text request to meet. Now, it’s not that I do not like meeting up…in fact, I believe now that when you’re drunk, you deal with things that you subconsciously have wanted to do or say. So this appointment would be with a group of special friends whom I haven’t seen in months. See, I have always wanted to hang out with them, just like we used to back when life isn’t as busy as now (aka bago pa magmahal ang lahat ng bilihin; one of them after all works for the Department of Trade and Industry so he became busier, if we will believe his reason for always missing our dates, a baptism where he’s one of the godfathers included). Of course, I didn’t tell them that I drunk-text them. I’m satisfied with the plan though. Maybe I should get drunk more often so I can decide on and attend to more relevant things that have been pending for some time now.  

Anyway, at the other end of this amusing anecdote, this is also a subtle reminder to me not to make promises when either I’m too happy or too drunk. Someone sent me that as a text message and now, I can say that it rings very true.

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  1. You, drunk? Unbelibabell! Anyway, I saw your Cinco de Mayo pics, looks like you all had fun. Coincedentally, May 5 was my last day at Fresno County EOC. It was really bittersweet leaving my very first permanent job in the US but at the same time, I look forward to my new job at Fresno State, at least State employee na ako! Federal na susunod! My last week was really busy, trying to tie up loose ends sa work and sa mga going away lunches from several departments. Actually, I’m still booked till tomorrow for another lunch date with former colleagues. Nagkasakit pa ako last Monday kasi I had a sinus infection. So I start May 8, wish me luck!

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