season finales


Hi, I’m Dr. House.

Yeah, I heard your name.

Most people have. (‘Cause) It’s also a noun.

I miss my favorite TV doctor! The exchange above was from the third to the last episode.  I caught snippets of the first part of the season finale (House’s Head) and it was goooood. Spoiler alert: Cuddy will be stripping. Hehe.



I have yet to watch episodes 15 and 16, because I’ll just wait for the last one to watch them in one sweep.

I have high regard for this family drama but I am not so on board with Rebecca NOT being a Walker.

Come on, all the build up during the entire season to “Walkerize” Rebecca, the illegitimate child, just because of a supposed chemistry (which I don’t see, maybe because I’m blinded by sibling love) with Justin, they’re changing it just like that?

Whatever happened to:

Kitty: (surprised, uneasy) Wow, I can’t believe that you…you look so much like MY Dad.


Justin: You want the ultimate proof (that Rebecca is their half-sister)? She’s so hot but I don’t feel anything.

Come on now. Ano na?


I love Bree Hodge and the roles of each of them in Wisteria Lane during the Founder’s Ball was appropriately defined by her. However, I am beginning to love Katherine Mayfair as well. 

Also, I am glad to see a demonyita Kayla back in her fighting form because her storyline was forgotten eons ago. And even if I know masama pumatol sa bata, I hope that evil of a kid gets swallowed by a boa constrictor.

Oh, I still think that Susan Mayer Delfino is lame. This sentiment started way before her “not from some med school in the Philippines” slip.

I am excited to watch the endings of my favorite shows after the unfortunate delays due to the writers’ strike. Life is good again.


And since we’re into shows, I am happy that Eli Stone was picked up for another season. I am not so crazy about it yet (and I still find Julie Gonzalo aka Atty. Maggie Dekker annoyingly naive) but I’ve learned to see how hot Jonny Lee Miller is (but still cannot picture him married once to Angelina) plus, hello, Victor Garber is there – even singing in some scenes – so what’s not to like? Loretta Devine was equally adorable as Patty the secretary.

Try to catch the show, it’s fun. I hope Studio 23 carries the show very soon.

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