tonight’s sentiment : I HATE CHILDREN. HATE. LOATHE.

It started fine when they were teasing me that I look like “Auntie” Hulk because I paraded myself in the living room clad only in my tube top. It was a bit of fun until they started competing for my attention to the point of crashing my room, accidentally bumping into shelves, my books and other displays falling on the floor, and other related chaos.

I shooed them away to their own room after which I heard an annoying sob an hour later. Because it competes with the equally annoying howls of a neighbor’s dog, I went to them to ask what the hell happened. There goes another round of finger-pointing, more sobbing, slurred and unintelligible sentences, puppy eyes, pityfest, pityfest, pityfest.

To cut it short, I felt extremely annoyed. I ended up threatening them that I will let them sleep outside if they continue their antics (from what I gathered they were scaring each other by flicking the light switch on and off).

Silliness, bawling, clinginess, attention deficiency, extreme KSP-ness, and more…argh. And now, barely 5 minutes after the climax of my threat, I can hear them now talking to each other and laughing at some point, as if nothing happened. They’re all insane.

Sorry, I know I have blogged once or twice about my motherhood instincts kicking in but they’re all gone tonight.

I checked my period tracker and I’m right, my ovulation period was done, meaning all the mushy, softy, girly feelings were gone until the next cycle. I just had to write that one because there’s a scientific explanation to this. I’m not necessarily an evil mom-to-be, okay?

Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, everything will feel much better.



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4 replies

  1. hehe yup i cooled down. ok na ako. hay wish ko lang i’d change when i have my own kids na!

    wawa naman sila kung lagi ako galit 😉

  2. i didn’t know u have little tolerance for annoying kids hehe.. cool down… we were once like them =)


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