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As I expected, my pathetic sentiment of hate towards children in general will fade soon enough.

Especially after reading about the children casualties of the earthquake in China. I felt terrible thinking about the children whose autopsies revealed there weren’t major abrasions nor crushed organs from being collapsed on by the school building; many of them badly lost all their fingers presumably from clawing their way out of the rubble they were stuck in. I want to cry just thinking of the agony they felt as they suffocate to death. It’s a horrible experience. If it’s any consolation, they are now all in heaven, angels that they are, free from pain and hardships. I hope their parents would move on gracefully.

Truly, it’s terrible to lose sons and daughters in one big sweeping motion in a country with a one-child policy. Imagine the number of fathers and mothers who are now childless. Childless and grieving.

Anyway, my feelings toward children, having children, has not totally changed. It’s fine, it’s cool. I’m not totally ready to even think about if fully. Let’s leave it at that.

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  1. ^ that’s sad! oo nga eh, makes me feel guilty for fretting over senseless problems. i really pray that theyse families move on gracefully, and soon…though sabi nga, you will never be truly healed.

  2. one heartbreaking scene i saw would be the one where they amputated this little girl’s legs. i feel so devastated for her and her family but at least she’s alive. i saw a picture where she was screaming when her legs were being amputated. just imagine the pain. =( sniff. sniff.

    reminds me of the time when we had an earthquake in the phils in the early 90s. when a school collapsed in cabanatuan, a girl named charlene got stuck in the rubble. i think her whole body got buried. only her head stuck out from the rubble. her mom went to the school everday until the day she died. they weren’t able to take her out. i was so traumatized by that incident. i can’t imagine the pain that their families had to go through. i mean just watching loved one die and not being able to do anything.

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