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There was a change in my travel plans this year.

Because of Cebu Pacific’s zero fare promo, I decided to scrap my Tokyo trip in October and split the budget (which I still don’t have in full, as there are still paydays UNTIL October) for two trips. I felt bad giving up Tokyo as Rachel and I were all set since the year started. However, she understood, plus she has legitimate reason to go there anyway while I’d only be tagging along. Maybe in 2010. Tokyo’s not going anywhere. Why 2010? Later.

So the first of my two trips was already booked, though still for November, in one of our long weekends in the office.

Rachel, Lalaine and I are going to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia for some skinny dipping. Hahaha, joke. But we’re really going there! Since the airfare is quite a steal, we had more leeway, budget-wise, for our accomodations so we’re opting to stay at Shangri-La’s Rasa Ria resort right in the heart of Kota Kinabalu.

I definitely have to make bawi because I had a beach drought this summer because of schedule constraints. At least Rach and Laine are going to Bora, although separately, next weekend! Ako sa Subic lang, uwian pa. Hay naku. The most immediate one after that would be Batanes that has a 99% chance of being scrapped unless we want to be stranded there for long, or worse, dead. Bagyo season na eh.

The second trip is still in the works so I will not say anything about it yet although it also involves the beach.

By May 2009, Raft3r and I are planning to go to New York, swinging by Vegas (where he has a cousin), and maybe San Francisco (where my sister is naman). I’m excited with New York. I don’t know if Boeing Boeing (wih Bradley Whitford) will still be on Broadway by then though I’m fervently wishing it would still be, or kahit repeats na lang; that’s one of the best things I’m looking forward to there. I’m planning to use my miles for this US trip para di masyado mahal. And I also have to renew my visa. Sana wag ako ma-deny, hahaha!

I gave up on planning trips by myself because they always don’t push through. I guess it’s reality’s way of telling me that travels are best done with a friend. After all, who would take your pictures – good ones, hindi yung puro mukha mo lang ang kita kasi sariling sikap –  if you’re alone?

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7 replies

  1. welcome back, yummy friend!
    yup, tuloy pa din NY ha?! i’m saving for it…this early, buwahaha!

  2. i’m back!!!

    yes, NY tayo!!!
    masaya yan…

    kamusta subic?

  3. Ah ganon? You didn’t even mention good ole Fresno, land of illegals?!?! Might as well round them up while you’re here! Seriously, spend at least a day here on your way from SF to Sin City, we have lots of room and we’ll even treat you to the best grilled chicken tacos SUNNY Fresno has to offer! =D

  4. @ Ms. C – soooo sorry!!! oversight! oversight! but like i told you, hope to catch you there in october! 🙂

    @ Pearl – tara!!! Iryn messaged me that if you guys can find a good deal for BKK, I can tag along naman. hehe. 😉

  5. sama ako sa malaysia! hahaha!

  6. what about vietnam? 😦


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