Subic trip ’08

We were initially to go to Vietnam, then changed it to Palawan, and the place was decided on to be Subic a few weeks back only. It’s my team’s annual out-of-town trip and after all the considerations and concessions involving schedule and finances, we trooped to Subic for a one-day trip. Nakakabitin but it’s somehow worth it.

Subic was fine. I was there in September for business so I didn’t get to move around much. I probably didn’t miss out a lot but it’s still nice as it is.

We left Manila at the break of dawn and was in Ocean Adventure in time for a sea lion show. We have kids with us so the marine life stuff were fascinating na rin. The sea lions looked like…someone I know. My Mom and I were laughing convulsively because we thought of the same thing. We’re so mean hahaha.

We had lunch at the hyped Camayan Beach Resort. It was bordering on terrible but there was a good save on the part of our pseudo-trip planner, Chris, especially with his laing and funny stories.

Through Chris’ intervention (“,) we were let in at Subic Yacht club where the kids, and a few of us too, swam for hours. The place was not as fancy as I expected it would be but it was okay na rin. I also had some time to get to know Eitan, a hanger-on only because he’s a lone traveller in Southeast Asia after graduating from college in his hometown in Toronto. Sarap ng buhay ng batang ito. I hope he’s able to bring back lots of good things from Asia, from the Philippines most especially, when he goes back home.

We wrapped up our yacht club visit with picture-taking; afterwards we headed to MeatPlus for some well-recommended food. It didn’t disappoint plus the price was very reasonable. A revelation of the night was The Bomb, their appetizer which actually is hot sliced potatoes drowned in cream cheese and melted butter. Too bad we didn’t have time to swing by another recommended dessert place which is just near Pier One.

Everyone’s tired so we took the Subic-Clark expressway on the way home (we took the San Fernando exit then Bataan on the way there). It’s actually four or five exits farther if you take NLEX but the travel time was indeed cut in half basically because we skipped the whole stretch of Lubao and Dinalupihan. We were all home by almost midnight.

This year’s trip wasn’t so bad at all. Next year, let’s see where our planning skills will take us.

Let me share our pictures last Saturday. Click the image to go to my Subic flickr set:

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  1. hehe
    witness ako sa mga travel plans na ganyan
    meat plus rocks
    paborito ko yan
    see you tom, yummy friend
    papasok na ako

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