Since I am taking each day at a time, if what I am feeling at this very moment isn’t enthusiasm, then I don’t know what is.

I am now slowly being happy for myself and at myself because I haven’t done both in a while.

I am stopping now before this becomes full-blown random psychobabble episode #2.

Someone told me last Friday that life is good. It’s very true.

At best, please be happy for me.  And may all cyberdevils take the sanity of people wHo TyPe LiKe ThIs! PlUs ThOsE WhO TyPe Or TExT Like THiS: “Kmusta Nuh poH KauH? D NpoH AqUh NkkATxT Ng MadAlS KzEH BZ poH s SkUL”.

No, I’m not mad, I’m even smiling like a Stepford wife. Good night.

Categories: Citizen Judie, Random Judie


5 replies

  1. @ iryn – it’s painful to read di ba?

    @ ms. c – naku inay, i really wish to see you! enlightenment, enlightenment!

    @ yummy friend – how i wish robotic na lang ako para walang feelings. ahoy, ayos 🙂

    @ mj – no problem, mj. keep them coming. see you at work 😉

  2. ms. judith, thanks for the comments. alam mo ba na ikaw yung unang nagbigay ng comment ever since nag-start ako sa blogspot. meron din akong blog sa xanga pero di ko na ina-update! thanks talaga…

  3. stepford wife, robotic ka din?
    ika nga ni natalie merchant, life is sweet despite all the miseries

  4. anak, bakt parang angsty tayo lately? i think it’s time for a meet-up. take care.

  5. i dont like to read that kind of text.. {“,}

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