Dear Diary,

Hello. I have been to the edge and am still finding my way back. Why, you may ask. It was nothing, actually. Some pointless worry over a product of a messy daydream. I was tangled in my own web of plotlines and crazy scenes. It worried me much, okay, but I think I need that kind of shaking up once in a while so I can find myself. Like, subjecting myself to extreme self-esteem trampling because of my own doing.

Anyway, I’m like an obesity waiting to happen. That’s how I cope with this kind of nothing. I recognized it as such because I also felt the need to be with people — as every opportunity of being alone caused me to think of nothing and I didn’t want to subject myself to that, not if I can find ways to deal with it otherwise.

So, everything’s been about a lousy margarita at Hooters, a feeling of we-should-have-stayed-longer at Hooters, Dennis and Gretchen at Hooters, no-hold-barred and this-is-the-real-me talk with one of my highschool bestfriends until the wee hours of the morning over a large tumbler of frappuccino, sleeping facedown after lunch, Monk, House MD, renewed obsession with mass market paperback thrillers, more sleeping, dark mocha frappuccino, cleaning my bag closet, more sleeping (with snoring and drooling at some point), jealousy over someone I don’t really know, a new book from Fully Booked, Kung Fu Panda, popcorn swimming in butter, Coke Zero, banana split, feel-good talk with my co-founder of Mutual Admiration Society, more sleeping, identical shirts, pasta, four cheese pizza, tuna, shaved off savings, more jealousy, window shopping of books, dark mocha frappuccino, catching up with other two founders of Mutual Admiration Society and Spinsters, Inc., sarcastic fight with my mother with my one-sentence ammo (now I fear that my future daughter will be equally rude to me as a direct form of karma), my belly fats looking like floaties, Coke Zero, financial solvency, Russia, and more mass market paperback thriller addiction.

How about you, how have you been? 

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3 replies

  1. ^yup, i think it was. there were longer talking parts than in usual animated films. but it was hella funny!!! Po’s a riot.

    anyway, speaking of vanilla frappe and the like, i am going crazy over dark mocha frappe naman! i hope they’d make it in the permanent menu.

  2. Kung Fu Panda was a hit to young adults more than the children don’t you think?

    Finding myself sipping Vanilla Frappe afterwards
    Lesson I learned – To thine own self be true ( Pope )
    If its not meant to be, its not gonna happen ( Tai Lang)



  1. reality sting « . judiefication .

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