I wish to be away for a short time, hoping to gather my thoughts together. I decided to put off blogging and Facebook-ing for a while. I’m loving the fact that I enjoy reading again, with that same familiar zeal that lets me spend time flipping pages with pleasure.

I may still be the same insecure person even when I do regain interest in online activities that I’d be putting off, so I, myself, do not impose too much expectations there.

To all, enjoy life as it is very short. I will try to enjoy mine by doing other things in the meantime. See you around!

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6 replies

  1. ^ wow, plane got delayed? or just right on time?
    anyway, have a safe trip from there to the US.

    always be in touch!

  2. Judie.. I’ll miss your posts.

    In the meantime, enjoy and spend the rest of the day being happy and doing what you want.


  3. oh! i didn’t know your online too. sorry for the first comment, it was erroneous. what i meant is that you don’t need to be insecure of any thing ‘coz you are a wondeful person ms. judie and lot’s of peeps will agree to that.

    just be happy always!

    mj, the greeter

  4. ms. judith, am so surprised with this entry of yours. i don’t think you don’t have to be insecure of something, however it’s also best to spend and enjoy your time in the most meaningful way. hehehe

    mj, the greeter

  5. hala
    now i feel guilty

    naba-bother na ako sayo
    wanna talk about it?

    yummy friend, i have great news pa naman for you
    visit my blog, if you have time
    nandon ang magandang balita

    cheer up na, ha
    i love you

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