Last night, I was looking for a new swimsuit (too late for the summer, I know, but it’s summer in the States, so…) when I received a text message from a friend. Turned out she was in another mall, inside the same store I was at, and she’s also looking for a swimsuit! What’s weird was she asked about something totally unrelated to the beach. She didn’t even know of my travel plan, and for sure she didn’t learn it through my Facebook because she’s probably the least internet-literate quarterlifer I know.

Last Monday, Erwin was relating his weekend activities. He casually mentioned that he watched Friends. I was amazed to learn he watched the same season 8 episode that I watched that weekend! As in the very same one. I’m assuming it was the same disc he popped in his player. It was freaky.

This morning, I thought of sending an e-mail to my classmates-friends in DC just because I remembered them. The group has not been in touch in a while. I planned to do it using my office e-mail account. So when I got to the office, I logged in and saw that the most recent I received was an e-mail from one of our classmates; he wants to know how’s everyone doing.

Coincidences. Maybe it’s universe’s way of telling me that I am not alone, contrary to what I think.

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7 replies

  1. i’m off to NY this long weekend
    enjoy Coron, ha

  2. ^ Yummy friend, continue having fun! and ok, i will look for the Cyndi CD (so hindi naman sya magka-rhyme). i love you too!

  3. yummy friend, favor
    pag dumaan ka mall
    paki silip naman if the new cyndi lauper cd is out
    lemme know rin kung magkano

    i love you

    happy weekend!!!

    and yes, tuloy tayo NY next year!!!

  4. i went to hooters na!

  5. hehe
    kabit-kabit ang mga pangyayari, ha

    ang init dito ngayon sobra
    naka-americana pa naman ako

  6. 3 times in a row yun coincidence na un ah

    when are you going to the states? will you meet lai? please say hi =)

    miss you judie!!!

  7. Coincidence nga Ms. Judith!

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