What the ‘F’ have you done lately?

Again, the burning question. What the f*ck have you done lately?

That, my friends, was what Wesley Gibson asked me after a grueling day. It was from Wanted, alright. And James McAvoy’s hot.

I wrapped up my sort of boring week by meeting up with my book club. It turned out the boys were busy so it became an all-girls dinner. It was a highlight, definitely. I got to borrow a Dilbert book from Nicole which got me through the long wait by the taxi station. Did I mention the whole of Powerplant Mall was on sale? I got some love from Goldie, my new credit card, hahaha. I’ll worry about it in the next few weeks.

I woke up early today, pretty odd for a Saturday. I, together with very close friends, joined the Habitat For Humanity housebuild in Pasay (right in Malibay, yummy friend!). I have newfound respect for construction workers. It’s a very tough job. I shoveled sand into sacks, transported and passed heavy bricks for hours! I am feeling sore; I actually have two Salonpas strips in both my arms right now. It was a total workout which compensated for jogging only once last week. We also did it the Pinoy way and headed to the nearest carinderia for lunch. It was humbling and still awesome.

They wrapped up the build after lunch apparently because we were fast and our group got the job done in half a day. We just changed shirts and as filthy and perhaps stinky as we were, we trooped to Glorietta to watch Wanted. It was fun! Except for Rach and Laine who practically have been with me almost everyday, we also enjoyed the company of Brinie and Iceman.

I headed home with an annoying headache. I then caught up with much-needed sleep and was only roused by Erwin’s text about Night Watch. See, because I’m impulsive when I see a ‘Sale’ tag in books, I bought the Night Watch trilogy (which I found out today is actually a tetralogy!) at Fully Booked. To be fair to me, they were 20% off! I bought three others too but that’s beside the point. Anyway, he hinted at wanting to read them so I have to cover them tomorrow so I can hand them over on Monday. He is one person I totally trust with my books, apart from my book club friends, but as a doting “mother” to my brood I just have to protect them with plastic before lending them. Okay, I can feel you judging. Please stop; it’s bad for your health.

I also kind of missed House so I watched all its season finales. Season two’s the least favorable one for me. The first and the fourth are still battling it out. As I watched the 13th episode of the last season though, I was once again rattled by House’s lines that seem to have chased me closer to home.

In a gist, he wrote an evaluation for Cuddy. Now, when I’m in my playful mood, I think of how I am Cuddy to someone who resembles House so much. I haven’t gone to the point of telling him that but the parallel’s kinda nice to ponder on. Anyway, House had me again with this:

You act like employees should fear and respect you but your eyes tell us…actually your eyes tell us nothing because we’re looking at your boobs. Which tells us that you’re desperate to have someone jump on you and tell you they love you one grunted syllable at a time. What you want, you run away from; what you need, you don’t have a clue; what you’ve accomplished makes you proud. But you’re still miserable.

Wow, how awesome and accurate was that?

Add to this is a discovery that, though undiagnosed medically, I may be suffering from depersonalization disorder. I don’t freak out at the discovery. In fact, I’m somehow proud that there is something that explains what I’m feeling. I’m not really normal, you know.

To cap this entry, here are some pictures from the week that was:

During our send-off party for a colleague. Oh, that’s the Deputy Chief’s office right there.

Because we’re crazy and happy.

is this love? i think so!
Taken by Rach at Toys ‘R us in Midtown. I love Tigger, heehee.

CRT with Chola
We also bid Chola farewell. Wonderful person. No bull.

shoveling sand
Tadaaa! This job’s harder than it looks, especially if you have had no practice. Take a look at Natalya dangling from my pocket.

taking a break
Taking a break. Look for the morphed Granny Goose and Pulis Oyster. Yup, that’s me!

Habitat volunteers
Volunteers, (almost) all. It was a fun day. I would not mind doing it again. At least after the sores have died down.

I hope you’re all having a blast!!! You should be! You deserve it.

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3 replies

  1. waaah
    i miss Mali Bay!

    did you get to drop by my place?
    may Mahal Kita pancit don

    yummy friend, exam ko na bukas
    yun kauna-unahan
    wish me luck!!!

    dapat na ba ako ma-stress
    di ako nakikinig sa mga instructors

  2. panalo ang pose ni wata at dang!

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