new favorites

I have a new favorite show.

Greek revolves around the lives of college students of the fictitious Cyprus Rhodes University, particularly the adventures and misadventures of the university’s fraternities and sororities. Its main characters are Casey Cartwright, groomed to be president of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority and her brother Rusty, a freshman and her exact opposite (he’s even taking Polymer Science!). Rusty decided to try the life and move inside the world of his sister so he decided to try out for fraternities. Most notable of these frats are Omega Chi Delta, headed by Evan Chambers who’s Casey’s boyfriend (at least in the episodes I’m watching) and Kappa Tau Gamma, led by Cappie, a certified bad boy with a heart, who once dated Casey. Cappie’s funny and adorable! He’s my second favorite character in the show. My favorite is  Rusty Cartwright. I am keeping him in my pocket while waiting for House to realize he wants to marry me. Hahaha. Click the image to learn more about the show. Watch it, too. Feel the rush!


Rusty Cartwright kind of resembles John Mayer, whom I also love now. Not just like. See, I was your typical mainstream Hollywood fangirl, shocked with his and Jen’s hookup. After listening to all his songs, most of them have become recent favorites in my playlist, and well, he basically took my heart away. I don’t care anymore who he hooks up with, and I would love him more if he doesn’t do Jen harm. Honestly, John Mayer is someone yours truly would like. He’s passionate, he’s a geek, he’s a self-proclaimed douchebag, he’s a smartass, he’s sweet and compassionate, and duh, he sings very well. I already melted.


I watched an episode of Iconoclasts at the Velvet Channel with Quentin Tarantino and Fiona Apple. They’re awesome on their own and they’re a blast together.


I wish there’d be more time to watch TV.


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5 replies

  1. happy weekend, yummy friend!
    i’m off to see the amish!

    exam ko na uli sa lunes
    so wish me luck

  2. say is a good song.
    may live cd/dvd na sya, ah.

  3. ^ eh kung may time ka ba eh, di go! baka makita mo rin si jen, nagpapaka-paparazzi. 🙂

    i honestly didn’t know any of his songs apart from Your Body Is A Wonderland. ngayon soundtrack of my life na ang albums nya. yesss.

    and kaya ko din sya mahal…he speaks japanese kaya!!! ahoy! yun lang.

  4. mayer is performing in baltimore this month
    want me to watch for your sake?


  1. weekend delights « ♣ judiefication ♣

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