my baby names, FTW!

Okay, so the world is one again enchanted by the perfect Jolie-Pitts. I will refrain from swooning like most of you and you can all enjoy it while it’s hot and fresh. I’d like to give super props to Ange though for choosing wonderful baby names for her twins. Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline truly rock!

Since we’re in the subject, you must have known my penchant for coming up with baby names. My crushes, past and present, would be freaked to the bone when they learn that I have in fact, at one point, thought of possible baby names for us. Thank heavens all of them didn’t happen. But some names are sticking through my wait for the rightful sperm contributor father of my children.

Almost three years ago, I bared a partial and unofficial list of my preferred baby names and brief explanations as to why:


Julio *father’s name*
–Julio is my dad’s name. Example: Julio Manuel.

Manuel Antonio
– la lang.

Jacob Zechariah
– la lang. biblical kung biblical.

Zechariah Constantine
– and this was long before that guy from AI ha, please.

*father’s name* Jr.
– pede ring II (pag si blank), III (pag si M) or V (pag si B). haha.


*female version of father’s name* Judienne
– Judienne is obviously to escape from naming her Judith or Judy or Julienne. and it’s so so mine! yung female version ng father’s name subject to negotiation. kasi what if maging Manuelita Judienne, parang di bagay.

Maria *mother-in-law’s name* Judienne
– o di ba, sipsip kay mom-in-law! eh kaso kung si Mar, e di Maria Judy Judienne? ngek. eh Maria Corazon Judienne kaya? gosh. haha.

Ana Socorro Judienne
— fave ko to, dunno why.

Athena Clementine
– kakambal ni Zechariah Constantine, eh?

Bernice Simone

Again, note that this was written three years ago, when I was still supposedly in love with Mar Roxas.

Some of them don’t appeal to me now. Let me redo the list, and for the sake of giving concrete examples in some, let’s say that Gregory House will be the father of my children:


– Julio *my dad-in-law’ s name* (ex. Julio John – oh, awkward!)

Zechariah Constantine

– *husband’s name* Jr. [or II or III, whichever applies] (ex. Gregory Jr.)

Alexander Ivan

Boris Alexander


– *female version of husband’s name* Judienne (ex. Georgina Judienne)

– Maria *my mother-in-law’s name* Judienne (ex. Maria Blythe Judienne)

Ana Socorro Judienne

Ana Cecilia Judienne

Athena Clementine

Sayuri Gaia

Natalya (assuming she’ll be born on Christmas day) Tatiana Judienne

There. Of course, I will be open to my future husband’s suggestions.

What do you think of my list? Care to share yours?

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  1. ^ kaloka si bryan, ang ganda kaya ng constantine?! hehe. oh well, i hope magka-baby girl ka na para magka-georgina ka rin. actually i use it as an alias pero hindi dahil kay house, dahil sa isang nakaraan na itago na lang natin sa pangalang george. hahaha!!!

  2. i love the name georgina! pag meron akong 2 girls in the future, one of them will def be named georgina. ung isa, is from my mom’s mother’s name. and since ang name ng nanay ng daddy ko’s gordiana or guardiana (not sure), georgina na lang para sa anak ko. Atleast, G. hahaha!

    i also thought of naming sean CONSTANTINE before he was born. but ayaw ng bryan. it would remind him of someone daw in our past. hahahaha! ang oa ni lolo.

  3. ^ okay lang, now i know. Ludwig Eusebio, batang Malibay. Uy, bagay.

    lahat ng nakakita sa coron pix yan sinasabi. sasabihin ko nga mag-publish ng FHM extra large 🙂

    oo nga eh, sabi ko kay marimar nasa metro naman sya, kaya ako na muna sa fhm hahaha!

  4. boy: ludwig

    girl: katherine

    pinatulan talaga. hehe

    btw, saw your coron pix
    pang-fhm ka na, ha
    baka ma-insecure si marimar nyan sayo


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