ah, men

In times when I need a serious wake up call, trust my male friends to step up and do it, albeit unintentionally.

My childhood friend BW has been having marital problems and we, his band of loyal childhood comrades, were furious and concerned about it. But as non-cast members in a marriage such as his, we cannot push our sentiments just like that. I sent him an email last weekend, spilling my thoughts on the matter, carefully making it appear that I was neither imposing nor intruding. He replied last night and he said something about his problem and mine (so suddenly he believes I also have a problem!), and with what he wrote*, there I was crying buckets after reading it.

As they say, regardless of who said it, it’s very different when people hit that f*cking nail on its f*cking head.

And in this particular exchange, it was from someone who has known me since I was wiping snot off my nose using my shirt sleeve, whose opinion I truly value. He read right through me and initially, I hated him for it, but as minutes ticked by, I knew he’s right.

Then over lunch today, I was, let’s say, making an intro of something that’s been bugging me for weeks. Erwin blocked me off instantly (I was just starting!) and told me how I make too many problems in my life. That’s okay actually, until he got to the part about my having imaginary love affairs.

Ouch. And it’s the kind of hurt that stung too much because it’s true.

I wanted to ream him right there and then (the slang of ream, ok? hahaha) but restrained myself. It would require me to elaborate on these imaginary affairs, and I was not ready for it. Not in front of him. He would laugh at my face and that would be too much in 24 hours.

My female friends know about my (non)problem but since it’s easier to open it up to them, it’s surprising to hear your male friends shoot it right back at you, in its pure truth. They don’t sugarcoat words, in fact they have the natural ability to choose the exact words that would encapsulate what really IS the matter.  

So okay, if only for this reason, the world needs men. However, most of the time, they’re not where you want them to be. Feel free to attribute meaning to that last line.

* He said he knows that the unbiased side of me totally understands his problem because we’re the same. He said I’ve been loving in silence, not just this time with this man (he doesn’t know him personally), but in the past years with other men. He added that he knows I am sad and impatient because unrequited love is very tough, but I should continue waiting because it will come. Like I don’t know it, you ass. Sometimes it just hurts when it’s too brutally told.

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  1. @ raft3r – sige na, pagbibigyan kita sa arguments mo. basta inuman tlaga tayo pagdating ha. hehe. dont worry di na ako magtatanong.

    @ iryn – hahaha pasok sa banga! you may feel differently in a few months pero i perfectly understand the current annoyance-bordering-on-bitterness over what happened. para que pa andiyan ang puso kung di gagamitin? yaiks!

  2. – I was talking to this guy friend nga about what happened ( refer to the last post in my blog ) I was about to say insensitive si ___ and he goes ” kaming barkada may pagkatanga minsan ” so there – “men — They don’t sugarcoat words”

  3. logical kaya kaming kausap
    straight to the point
    wala ng paligoy-ligoy pa
    di gaya nyong mga tsiks na mahilig sa subliminal messages
    tanong mo kung galit, sabihin nyo hindi
    pero galit naman talaga

    yummy friend, miss na kita
    inuman na tayo!!!

  4. ^ and by the way, hindi pa naman nya direkta sinabing ayaw. hindi ko pa naman sinasabi. i’m more afraid of the collateral damage, remember?

    pero nagbabago na ako. slowly. hmmm. hindi na ako magiging mahilig sa good catch pero lost cause. asus, ampalaya bitter herbs!!!

  5. ^ aray ko, isa ka pa Ate Reens. 🙂

    sa gulat (at galit?) ko pagbasa ko ng email hindi na ako naka-reply. nag-iPod na lang ako tas napaiyak. hahaha!

  6. dith akala ko kung sino si BW, tagal ko pa nag-isip he he he.
    hataw na din sa pagcomment sa lovelife akala mu alam buong story eh. gumaganti lang yan. sa akin di pa sya sagot alam nya kasi marami pa ako sasabihin eh.

    i suggest wag ka na malungkot kahit may tama ang sinabi nila. youre one of the best people i know at lam ko you deserve the best. wag ka pakaloka sa mga hindi dapat. pag ayaw, di wag. big sabihin di nila ikaw carry. wag na ikaw gumaya sa iba diyan na tangek sa love (oo, BW ikaw)!!!!!!


  1. “come on, spill.” « . judiefication .

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