I rarely catch Pinoy Dream Academy but the last time I did, I was impressed by a contestant’s rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (sorry, video embedding was disabled by the uploader).

The contestant really needs some diction lessons but ignoring a few slips, his voice is really wonderful.

I read somewhere that this guy used to mop floors in a comfort room back in the province. Amazing to have stumbled into a great talent such as that. I hope he wins the competition.

Anyway, even if I got distracted with “You feel like heaven to tats, oh I wanna hold you so maaats”, I loved and adored his rendition as a whole. Muntik pa nga ako mapaiyak. All of a sudden parang kanta ko na yun sa kanya. Hehe.

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  1. hi, i really love bugoy too.. the first time i heard him sing in the audition for the scholars with the 4 mentors and singing “angels brought me here”… wow, what a voice.. and exemplary coz he doesn’t have proper training.. it’s really an unborn talent..

    i am really sad when the 2 guys.. hansen and van talks bad about him, i think they are afraid and insecure of bugoy’s talent… and they even think that bugoy is gay.. u see i have a brother who looks like bugoy and when we watch PDA, my son always calls bugoy tito kim and he is proud.. my brother talks and acts the way he is, not gay but just soft..

    and if you recall without bugoy the 2 will not be top scholar… they did their best so that they can catch up with bugoy’s talent and that’s a good thing..

    and after all, bugoy should win and if not he deserves to be on the top, he after all have many reasons to be there.. he is the best description of the word “scholar” .. you know what i meant..

    besides, he’s not so good looking, poor and have poor capacity of learning.. reasonably coz he grew up as “magsasaka”.. the only thing he have is the natural talent.. i recall derek joey said bugoy is like cinderella.. an interestimg story of life he portrays.. who would imagine a certain magsasaka like him will become a singer…

    but i say.. as my cousin always told us when we watch every gala night and hear him sing.. i would just close my eyes and hear bugoy sing, i would imagine that the voice is from piolo pascual and other singer who have beautiful voices and beautiful faces…

    but face doesn’t matter.. hollywood singers became popular even if they have disgusting faces!

    so go bugoy.. don’t let yourself down.. we are here to support you..

    hope you wins.. and if not hope you will have an album so that the world will know how talented you are…

    just look at charice, they say she is not so good looking that is why she did not won but she won the hearts of the world.. a worldclass talent that we filipinos pass by…

    go bugoy!

    and 1 thing i really love the way u and liezel sang “if i ain’t got you”, few people can sing that very well.. i know i can’t.. ^-^

  2. well…i really admire bugoy,he is a working student like me and i also love to sing…i’m from camarines sur too and i vote for him to win….maricar

  3. @ pearl – hanep naman pala story nya. he sings very very well talaga, for someone who has not had proper training.

    @ raft3r – hehe let’s wait and see!!!

  4. nyahaha
    mabuhay ang mga bugoy
    i hope maging kapuso sya

  5. it must be bugoy from camsur! we like him too. i watch PDA every night before i leave for work. when he auditioned for PDA, ryan cayabyab wondered where he learned to sing like that. our houseboy told us that bugoy wanted to commit suicide because of poverty until a friend helped him audition for PDA.

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