This ship is sailing, House.

A very worthy distraction which came when I needed it most.

I’ve always liked the show but I deliberately refused to watch it when the Tritter arc was on two seasons ago.

I guess it’s a rebound kind of thing. It is not total deviation as he kind of resembles House, attitude-wise. Anyway, I’ve been having date nights with the show since last week. Episodes after episodes from random seasons. I have to reward myself for being this boring when I wallow, instead of doing something stupid.

I have not been this so into a show since Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Too bad it ended after 22 episodes.

Maybe I can watch the episodes with Tritter starting tonight. I gathered there were lots of House/Cuddy and House/Wilson love there. 🙂

note: An anagram of GREGORY HOUSE is Sorry, huge ego. Nice one, right?

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5 replies

  1. ^ already commented on your JJ post, as you requested!

    enjoy your weekend in VA! and dont worry about the House DVDs! the x-files na lang, hahaha!!! speaking of which, did you watch it already? i envy people who already did. 🙂

  2. yummy friend, i’m off to virginia
    happy sunday!

    btw, yun house d2 mahal
    di ko pa naaabutan syang sale

  3. kahit wala pa yun decision noon
    naglabas na ng official statement ang live nation ang sabi mas mabenta ang rock withu tour ni janet kesa sa sticky and wet tour ni madonna! yahoo!

    btw, di ka pa comment, ha.

    happy weekend!!!

  4. o di ba, it’s all over the net. eh overreation naman talaga yun from them fanatical prudes.

    pero aminin, it may beef up the tour more…

  5. hehe
    mind reader ka talaga, yummy friend
    naunahan mo ako
    my janet post is up
    obliged ka mag-comment don

    paki sabi rin ke mj, mag-comment sya

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