three incidents

Saturday afternoon, our street.

Lola neighbor: Kumusta naman ang trabaho mo?

Me: Okay naman po.

Lola neighbor: Hindi naman kayo nagtanggalan ng mga tao?

Me: Hindi naman po.

Lola neighbor: Mabuti naman. Kaya pag-igihan mo ang trabaho mo ha?

Me: Opo.

Lola neighbor: Swerte ka at napapasok ka diyan sa Unilever.

Nyaaah! I don’t work in Unilever ‘no!


Sunday night, dinner with family.

Me: *hugs chubby five-year old nephew very tightly*

Tita N: Ikaw kasi eh, kung nagkaanaak ka ba nung 24 ka e di may six-year old ka na ngayon!

Me: *stunned*

Uhhh, 26 pa lang ako ngayon! My aunt’s math is totally skewed.


Monday night, Starbucks Midtown.

Barista: May I know your name for the cup?

Me: Judie.

Barista: Come again?

Me: (louder) Judie!

Barista: Julie?!

Me: (frustrated) Yeah.

A little later at the bar.

Barista: Grande vanilla latte for Joni!!!

Hayyyy. At least it wasn’t totally far from Judie. I’ve been Marie, Josie, Lani and Janice before. Maybe next time, sabihin ko na lang ako si Ana, para simple.

Ain’t my life great?

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4 replies

  1. ^ i tried that na and many other tricks, ayaw tlaga. same kami ni mhel, di ba?! sabotage nga siguro. eh di pa nila nafifigure out na pwede ako pumunta sa multiply bwahahaha!!!

    umuwi ka naaaaa!!!

  2. yummy friend, just press the control key + F5 to refresh page ng The Deadbeat Club. if that doesn’t work, sabotage na talaga ire. hehe

  3. nyahaha
    boy, this made me laugh
    (during training pa, ha)

    i would love to have your life
    never a dull moment
    but i an willing to draw blood if they can’t get my name right

    i miss you, yummy friend

  4. Haha this post made me giggle 🙂

    I prefer the hazelnut latte myeslf… Venti. I get all sorts of weird spellings for my name (even though I tell them immediately that it’s G-A-B-I). Pero malayo naman ang Joni sa Judie.

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