random good vibes

1. David Cook is coming to Manila on January 2009. Heard it’s his first international show after the Idol tour. It’s gonna be on the week after my birthday. I’ll be there, definitely, no matter how much the ticket would cost.

2. Powerbooks will have a warehouse sale from August 1 to 3. I still don’t know my way to the warehouse in Pasig but I’ll get by. Relapse, once again.

3. I’m getting award tomorrow. But I gave it to myself. Hahahaha!!! Pictures to justify the silliness soon.

4. I manually retrieved old pictures (think 2003-04) from an old workstation. Most pictures can be used for blackmail. But honestly, I (only I?!) was not this twisted and messed up then. I was actually happier. Oh well.

5. I suddenly became interested in The Sandman series. I asked Erwin what volumes he already has so I can only buy the ones he doesn’t have. He replied a short “1 to 10”. That’s the coolest news I heard all week. He only lacks volume 11 but I think I can wait till a few more months. Ten is enough to sate my interest.

6. I lost two pounds. It doesn’t show but I did. I used our medical unit’s weighing scale!

7. I am so over it. I swear.

I also felt I’ve grown up this week. At last, after 26 years and six months! See you soon. 🙂

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2 replies

  1. ^ hahaha oo nga ‘no. ang konti lang kasi kung @ good vibes lang 🙂

    konti pa pala yung na-upload mo sa facebook ha, hehehe! keep them coming!

  2. 7 good news.

    kapusong-kapuso, ah.
    i love it.
    kapuso, makulay ang buhay.

    may pix na pala ang facebook
    very few nga lang
    yun nandito lang sa laptop

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