if i’m younger, it would look like this.

I have a lot of college-age blogmates in my former blog and I love reading their entries everyday. Now, many young people their age do blog very well, much much better than yours truly does. However, I cannot ignore the ones who blog the way I would do later. There’s nothing wrong with it and frankly, in my final analysis at least, them adolescent bloggers are capable of seizing every moment of their days, so much so that keywords, hanging sentences and incoherent phrases suffice to get their points across. I envy them sometimes. Taking away their angsty sentiments, their lives are much better. I will not tell them that the angst does not go away when you become an adult. Of course I don’t want to rain on their parade.

Anyway, how was your week? Mine’s ok. And let me tell you why, except that I kind of like to be possessed by  an ordinary 17-year old blogger:

MONDAY – I totally forgot what happened. Nothing’s even written in my planner. Must be a boring day. Oh, I thought of him but I let it slide.

TUESDAY – Totally rad, uh, except for work. Ugh. But it’s only eight hours anyway. Oh well, LC and PA are still not speaking. Too bad. I went with Laine to watch The Dark Knight. Such a loser, I know…most of you have watched it when it opened ten days ago. Anyway, had heavy dinner at Wham! Burgers at the 3rd floor. She had classic Wham! burger, I had Hungarian sausage. Yum. Then we bought white cheddar-flavored popcorn. Laine introduced it to me. It’s, like, so good. The movie’s great except that Batman himself wasn’t that hot. He was slurring, it’s sooo annoying. I love Joker and Harvey Dent. And Lt. Gordon! Although no surprises there, Gary Oldman has always been fantabulous in his films. We were so annoyed with a group of noisy people behind us. They were so jologs. They kept on commenting “Ang gago gago talagaaaaaa netong si Joker!”, when Batman was hopping from one building they went, “O,o, Batman pa ba ‘to, baket Spiderman na yata? Hahaha!” and in a scene where the judge got to her car, two of them said, “Hala ayan na si Joker!” Ugh, so annoying talaga. Get a life, people! They thought they’re at home. Grrr.

WEDNESDAY – Coolest day this week for two things: I learned that David Cook is coming to Manila next year and Erwin has The Sandman vols. 1-10. Awesomeness. Even if it’s a kind of ordinary day at work, Laine and I went to Midtown again to check if Zohan’s already showing. Too bad it won’t be on until next week pa so we just had dinner at Hotshots, stayed in Powerbooks before having cheesecakes for dessert at Secret Recipe. Before the day ended, I got a call from a friend asking me to erase someone from my Facebook. Because you know I’m such a slow person sometimes, I said yes I’m gonna do it without knowing the whole story. So I emailed a friend in the States and in the end i decided to keep the person in my Facebook. No big deal, really. Just cannot help but feel sorry for someone who immediately thinks that someone is after them for gossip at first encounter. Must be a sorry life at some point. Oh well. It passed. I stayed up because I planned to prepare for my presentation. Just wrote an outline and stayed up ’til about 2 am watching House. Ugh, fanatic, I know.

THURSDAY – Woke early. Yipee! Was in the office early too. Worked fast on my presentation. I pulled it off as usual. Hehe. Morale was high. Trooped to Teriyaki Boy-Orosa because they have a 50% off  promo on most of their stuff. Togetherness. We got rained on. Funny anecdote with NP and DV with pedicabs. When we got back to the office, we were berated for being late for like 20 minutes. Ah long story. Spirits dampened. I just said sorry to end the drama. I didn’t mean it that much but you know, it didn’t kill me naman and it settled the issue, at least in my team. Survival in the workplace is hard, you know, but you just have to play your cards well and work smart, not hard, baby. Got that from my love, Greg House. 🙂 Anyhoo, funny convos while having lunch:

We were wasting our time working on the Spot The Difference paper tablemat at Teriyaki Boy. NP was very good in finding the differences and when asked why, she said:

“Magaling ako diyan, may ganito sa Bulgar eh!”

Hahaha, I remember she was also my Bulgar correspondent if there were Mar Roxas newsbits before. So funny!

Then DV made kwento that if we have kutsinta for food in an office event and an officer asks what is it, she would say:

“Ah, kutsinta…heavy on the stomach but light on the pocket!” OMG, winner! 😉

Then we waited for Mom in the gate bcause she made our food for the afternoon event. Gosh, it was so terrible because it rained too hard, as in super bagyo. Sandy, Job, Aldrin and I were freakin’ drenched both from the rain and the flood. Job and Aldrin were teasing me pa ‘coz I was like wearing white pants. Grabe. They kept on saying, “Juday, pag umakyat pa yang basa sa pants mo, bakat na lahat yaaan!” Ah, boys!

So anyway, the food came, we had the awarding. I got an Eagle Eye Award for some shallow reason, haha. Picture-taking. Love it! Here are some of ’em:

Such crazy people. But I love most of them. Take note, most not all. Hahaha. they make me want to endure going to work everyday. I have issues but I’m gonna save it for myself na lang at this point. just taking each day as it comes. I’m kinda young pa naman. Gee.

So anyway, I killed time in Midtown. I was with Simone so I decluttered my Facebook and watched an episode of House while eating cake and hot choco at this new kiosk in the middle of Midtown’s ground floor called Art’s Cream Gallery. It was good. Went home around 8 pm.

FRIDAY – As early as Thursday night I messaged my boss and my team that I won’t be in because I had to have myself checked at the hospital for something. So by lunch I was at Manila Doctors Hospital. A little after 2 pm,I grabbed a quick lunch at Pancake House and had hazelnut latte at Starbucks while reading Eat, Pray, Love. It was an okay book, and I totally can relate with all her “issues”. Gosh, what if it’s my life story, published this early? Went home a tad early. My nephew Bryan visited. He’s gonna stay the night. I stayed up ’til early in the morning watching Californication. It’s an ok show; sex-laden, cuss words are as common in a sentence as vowels and consonants, many damaged people. Just found it hard to view David Duchovny as dysfunctional because he’s still Agent Fox “Rational” Mulder for me until now. Ugh. And see, since I liked this I really have a penchant for messed up people, lost causes. My messiah complex is at work again, just like what Raft3r said. Oh well.

SATURDAY – Woke up so late. Someone asked me if he can be depressed without being aware of it. Blocked him off. Gosh, such drama for such a lanky frame…maybe it’s his huge ego again. Oh well. He asked me to call him in the office because he’s sleepy. Told him about my decision to retain this person in my Facebook. He’s cool with it naman. Then I brought my nephew to Midtown to play a bit at Tom’s World…well, I ended up playing too…then we ate at…tadaaa…Jollibee. He headed home around 4 pm. I slept until 6 pm. Watched more Californication.  Mom came home. Ate chips, a chocolate bar, two Coke Zeros, and two brownie slices…they’re my Saturday dinner. I’m so healthy. And now I’m doing this update. Oh I finished uploading pictures, old and new, in my flickr albums. Happiness. After this I’m gonna watch Women’s Murder Club. and maybe August Rush too if I’m not sleepy yet.


So, what did I accomplish, so far?

Nothing. But darn, typing them down didn’t take much time. Does it mean something as immature as this kind of blog construction works for me more? I’m close to confirming that I’m destined to stay 17 forever. But no, growing up is optional and I proudly opted to stand up with my head high. I can do and be better than this. Just don’t pressure me as to when.:)

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5 replies

  1. @ raft3r – di naman gaano madami but yeah, when you return, isasama ka na ulit sa phot ops. the picwhores (the boys) found a new way to maximize the self-timer function. nakakahawa!

    @ iryn – yup i did, kelangan eh. and it seems that i’m ok on the 7th (or 8th ba?) after all. wanna push through with our date? xoxo

  2. Looks like you had a handful of actvities last week =) Glad you enjoyed it, it shows on the pic =)

    — iryn

  3. nyahaha
    i love this post
    ganyan na ganyan kaya akong magsulat
    daming happenings sa NIV, ah
    miss ko na mga photo ops natin
    and yes, ang teriyaki boy
    padala naman kayo dito ng manok nila

  4. hahaha uy thanks kaye!!! minsan masarap mag-pretend na bata pa eh. adulthood sucks sometimes 🙂

  5. ang galing! pwede! 🙂

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