This is going to be short and sweet. Unless something earth-shattering happens to me, I will be intermittently showing up again because the rainy days totally set my mood for reading.

I got 11 Sandman volumes from Erwin today. The 11th isn’t actually yet volume 11, but a different Sandman graphic novel. He dropped them off before lunch, and they’re all I’m thinking of until I left the office. I almost finished volume 1 (with close scrutiny of the graphics, mind you) while eating at this new Persian restaurant in Midtown.

Erw also returned my Night Watch books. They will automatically go to my queue of about a million books, I guess. Hahaha.

I’m not supposed to tell it yet but I arranged most books in my TBR pile by genre, so when I pick one up, I should be able to follow it through with books of the same kind. I’m a sexy geek like that, hehe.

Got another news today – the 29th Manila International Book Fair will be on September 12-16. That’s only three paydays away, meaning I have to go on hunger strike (kidding) to be able to buy more of my lovely babies. Yeah, if Brangelina collects babies, I collect books. πŸ™‚

One setback I have now is the failure of our postman to deliver my Vanity Fair for August. My inner teenage fangirl is already freakin’ pissed. I wonder if it’s because of the weather? I hope so, because I also entertained the thought that someone took it because the cover got the better off him. It’s almost 10 days late. Hmph.

Someone quoted Finnegan Bell to me with “I did it! I’m a wild success!” I hope I can say the same not just to him but to everyone in the weeks to come, reading-wise.

p.s. Why do most people I know look at me as if I’m growing a second head and a third leg when I tell them that I’m off to the mall, to find a good restaurant, comfortably dine and read a book? What’s wrong with you, people?

p.s. again – I need an advocacy. I am at a loss as to what my interests are…aside from reading…and bumming around the house (while eating and reading). Hmm, maybe something along that line. But let’s talk about that later.

p.s. ulit – I saw Judy Ann Santos’ new shampoo commercial. I was once asked to drop by the ad agency that made it beause they need “ordinary looking Judays with long hair”. I had work so I skipped the casting call. I wonder how much I would have been paid if I went.Β  This is true, I’m not kidding.

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5 replies

  1. nicole – yeah, that sounds like a great idea! let’s put it on the table in our next session. πŸ™‚

  2. book fair…sounds like an exlibris field trip hahah! πŸ˜€

  3. @ MJ – sa may MOA sya. come one, come all πŸ™‚ it will be fun!

    @ raft3r – ganun, may bonus? mahanap nga yan. at oo nga, if only for the money, i’ll do it seriously next time. sasali na nga rin ako sa singing bee eh, hahaha!!!

  4. wow, sayang naman
    pa-vtr ka next time
    sayang ang pera

    pag nahanap mo yun post ko about my vtr days
    may bonus pasalubong ka mula sakin

  5. oh ms. judith! san po ba ang venue ng int’l book fair? i think, am interested to go as well!

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